Woman grows nails instead of hair all over her body (PHOTOS)

A young woman has been labelled a medical mystery after falling victim to an unidentified illness which causes human nails to grow out of her hair follicles.

Shanyna Isom, 28, suffered an allergic reaction three years ago which caused the debilitating syndrome which has left her struggling to walk and carry out daily chores.

The university student was left covered in hard scabs as ‘nails’ replaced the hair on her body and doctors are still in the dark about how to cure Shanyna’s mysterious illness.

Shanyna Isom

Shanyna Isom lives with her family in Memphis and was in her first year at university when the nightmare began.

In September 2009 she was prescribed steroids after suffering an asthma attack and within hours the law student was ‘itching’ all over her body.

Soon black bumps covered her legs and doctors treated her for everything from eczema to Staphylococcal infection to no avail.

Shanyna Isom

Shanyna Isom

Shanyna became bedridden as the illness took over and doctors tried to determine what was wrong.

In 2011 she began treatment in Baltimore where doctors established that the bumps were in fact human nails slowly covering Shanyna’s body.

She produces 12 times the normal number of skin cells per hair follicle, suffocating her skin.

‘Where hair grows, nails are growing,’ Shanyna told WAFB news.

Today doctors have yet to diagnose her but have been able to control her symptoms.

‘I couldn’t sit up and I couldn’t walk, but now I can walk with a cane and sometimes I can walk on my own.’

The criminal justice major describes it as a nightmare she is trying to wake up from.

‘They’ve tested me from A to Z and everything was coming back negative.

‘As of right now, I am the only one in the world with my illness.’

The illness has left Shanyna and her family deep in debt as state-issued insurance does not cover her care at the specialist unit she attends in Baltimore and only covers five of the 17 medications she is prescribed.

The family savings accounts are dry and her outstanding medical bills are currently up to £160,000 ($250,000).

Shanyna has set up the S.A.I Foundation to raise money for her treatment but fears she may not be able to continue.

She relies on family and friends for financial help and they have rallied around her for support.

‘At this point I just do everything I can to get the help that’s needed for her,’ her friend Tolungia Webb said.

Shanyna hopes that the foundation will be able to raise enough money to cover her medical bills and help others in the same situation.

She said: ‘If it means me dealing with this to help someone else, I’m willing to go through it.’

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  1. Tawak Asheoluwa Reply

    Pls they family should to God in prayer with a sincer heath. That is seek God face repenatance of their sins and ask for forgiveness and mercy. It is only God that can heal her because He is the Great physican and healer

  2. Kola Reply

    This has gone beyond medical miratata, she needs to go spiritual. I believe God want to use her in His vineyard if only she can surrender all to God. She needs to be prayed for by genuine men of God

  3. Anonymous Reply

    They don’t need God they need more testing.

  4. Anonymous Reply

    To the people saying “God” is the answer –> “God” did it to her, too. So he could’ve just NOT done it to her. Or is he not all powerful and couldn’t stop it. Or is he sadistic and wanted her to suffer?
    Or is he a comforting delusion to you?

  5. Anonymous Reply

    God doesn’t do bad things to people its called the devil. The devil is here on earth doing bad things to people all the time…its a test of faith in which you should seek god for the answers. I pray for her healing. And that the family and her prays in this difficult time. God allows things to happen in order for his people to seek him and to get healed. Read the bible.

  6. Anonymous Reply

    Omg stop with the god crap

  7. Anonymous Reply

    You need to stop anonymous god can do anything and this was a test to see if she could surrender to him. Maybe you should read the bible

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    Actually I think that the Devil wears pink pants,and he loves making people sick I wish he never existed

  9. Anonymous Reply

    I am the god

  10. Anonymous Reply

    I am a true believer in god! But come on people. This has nothing to do with God. Yes by all means pray for her but stop with BS and leave the poor girl alone. You are not helping Withyour God bothering

  11. Anonymous Reply

    I just started working and I do not make that much but I would like to donate $10 To the cause blacks lives are very important its not much but I get my first check in three weeks

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