Kwara imposes 24-hour curfew on Offa, Erin-Ile

Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed

Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed

THE Kwara State Government has imposed a 24-hour curfew on Offa and Erin-Ile towns in Offa and Oyun Local Government Councils with immediate effect.

This was contained in a statement Signed by Secretary to the State Government Alhaji Isiaka Gold

“The curfew is to restore public order in both communities following recent disturbances. All human and vehicular movement is hereby barred in Offa and Erin-Ile. In line with this order, the security agencies will deal decisively with any found contravening the curfew.”

“Furthermore, the state government will bring the full weight of the law to bear on anyone who disrupts public order or otherwise incites violence in any part of the state under any guise. While assuring law-abiding citizens of its resolve to secure lives and properties, the Kwara State government is determined to identify and prosecute those behind the recent crises in both communities.”

  1. MM Reply

    The youths of Erin-Ile even have the same misguided mind as there 4fathers. This crisis trend can never stop and Erin Ile will remain backward. Offa is rich bcos there youths are out dea busy making money and others that do not have worry dea mind on out to get money when Erin Ile youths are busy beefing dea success. daft ppl

  2. taiwo Reply

    Mr Ismhael, Erin-Ile great son, now I see wy ur village fail to prosper. If an educated person can reason dat way..yu said offa built an industry at Ijagbo, now tell mi who it favours. Commercial activity of ijagbo has b00med. Ijagbo is aware of d benefits & dat is wy dey didn’t raise further alarm & it’s not because they are cowards cos dey are not daft like u ppl.
    Erin ppl do not reason productively, I couldn’t beliv wen I heard they couldn’t produce sachet water on dea own. yu are only trappng ur destiny cos ur four coming generation will chop 4rm ur surfer if u dnt change ur way. Yu dnt hav a reasonable point in ur comment..

  3. ayo Reply

    Let us all pray dat d crisis settles. Killing is not d solution. Two wrongs can’t make no ryt. One side says d oda is bad and for that reason dey start killing, which side bad past??? Let’s not 4gt d Aluu4 killings for port harcourt wea a village beat and burnt 4 students to death on d allegation of stealing laptops..where is this world heading to? Human beings value no life anymore..pls let us pray 4 4gvness and ask God 4 his mercy

  4. nins Reply

    @ all of you that abuses and curse me, igba eyele kii roju gbele, ti adiye ba bale okun ara kii ro, peace will be far from you people, idiots. I know you will not agree with me, go to neighbouring towns and ask of your attitude and you will hear what will be coming out of their mouth.
    You are dubious people, you always like to cheat and claims what doesn’t belong to you, the hatred is in you people that if you see someone progressing around you people when that person is not indigene you will be looking for their down falls.
    The school doesn’t belong to you people, it is federal government property so you don’t need to call me an ingrate.
    Emi lomo ake kaka koloro ogbo, ti oloro ba gbo kini baba oloro yio se.
    Your proudness is too much even when talking you can notice it, as if you are the owner of the world.
    Olukoyi o sinmi ogun, aroni mi o sinmi ija.
    Just accept that am telling you the reality, but the truth is bitter.
    No body is beefing you people,
    I am not from erin-ile, and not that I am supporting them, I am a neutral man but a man of justice.
    Erin too are too agresive but, let me tell you, no one will be looking and allow another person to take what belongs to him.
    You brain washed people burnt a house belonging to your son at offa just because he married erin-ile woman, can you see that you are brain damaged? Why can’t they chase the woman away and let her husband take the properties, but you burnt it and set your own son back to square zero. Keni mani ni gbogbo yin.

  5. nins Reply

    @offa people that is here, you people have to think twice, before burning any thing that belongs to a man that marries from erin-ile among you people, you are setting your own son back to zero point when you do that, I even heard that you went ahead and burn part of a school belonging to someone that married erin-ile woman. Hmm shame on you people because you are hurting yourselves.

    I rest my case, I can’t be telling you all things but all I know is, “the truth is bitter”
    I know you will abuse and even curse me but

    ti ewure ba boju we hin, a fi epe fun elepe, ti aguntan ba boju weyin aa fi epe fun elepe, owo ti ogede ba gbe arare lo fi n na, eru ti okiti ogan ba ru ori arare lo dii le, kii ibi o pada si ori onibi, kii asasi o pada si ori alasasi. Aaseee.
    Ko ii ye lake, beni koi ye loko, ko I ye lolla, to fi dele orangun olomo ogboye o.

  6. nins Reply

    For your information, those of you that said offa fed me, I gat my money some where else not from offa and I came there to invest, secondly, the school is the one holding me down there and it doesn’t belong to offa but federal government.

    @bolu, erin-ile can never be under your shoe “offa” except you want to cause another war and that your statement sounds like a fool, that is all I have being saying that you people talks with pride. believe it or you leave it,
    Nitori pe otototo, orororo, otooto la n jepa, otooto lan je imumu,
    Asa o jo kunugba beni awodi kan o jo ejo afayafa, oun to ba jo ara lafi n wera.

    Even the way you treats students in unfair, you see them as animals which suppose not to be so. Why?

    All my prayer is peace will be restored back to the two lands. Iree o

  7. bolu Reply

    @nins. “baba alawo”. U just confirmd wat I heard abt Erin-ile ppl about dea strong mind for juju. Nice incantation. Only dat it can’t bring yu any +ve development. Instead of u 2 work on it and change those incantation to lyrics for rap music, who knos? Yu can hit and become a superstar. In dat way yu’ll add a name to your town..anyway it’s a favour yu hav done. I’ll remove d curse in it and fine-tune it then use it for a track in my next album..just watchout 4 it cos yu too will buy 4rm it..CHEERS!

    • Motosh Reply

      @ Bolu loool….fine-tune ojare and be the next tuface….but on a more serz note,you guyz shld stop been judgemental abt issues,it won’t help anytim.say it as it is….love is all we need 2 wash off this whole negativity….y”all giv ur livies to Christ cos the bible even says it that brothers will fight their own brothers…part of the end-time signs,may the Almighty av mercy on us all and may we inherit his kingdom….Amen!

  8. Omonuwa Reply

    Oba offa and the NURTW is the cause of this crisis, the people believe they have influence from government, so they want to use that on erin-ile, but failed them. For two weeks NURTW has been hostile to Erin-ile, and MUFU, Oba offa left them, Mufu supported the offa NURTW, They hired Niger delta to fight erin-ile, the delta open fire on erin-ile people on offa market day after the boarder, wounding many people in erin-ile, so erin-ile went back to prepare for the niger delta who came to fight for offa. So the war began. Mufu made a speech on air saying ‘ No curfew yet, the war has just begin’ what a devilish Oba is that, who want to waste his people for rituals.

  9. Omonuwa Reply

    MUFU, oba offa and NURTW are the devils behind this war. They hired Niger delta against Erin-ile, but it failed. The Niger delta open fire inside erin ile at the motor part near the boarder, shooting Erin-ile indigene, so Erin-ile went to prepare for the Niger-delta. So the war began. MUFU OBA OFFA the devil in disguise made a statement saying ‘ No curfew yet, the war has just begin’

  10. Neutral Man Reply

    OH LORD! My people Perish for lack of Wisdom and not Lack or “BIOLOGY or CHEMISTRY”….. The reason why im saying this is cos most people go to school to gain “Biology and Chemistry” and not gain KNOWLEDGE which is the most important…

    We post about land disputes cos we heard stories… Lets just pray the ones who lost thier lives will Rest In Peace rather than run our mouths like tap water while the Leaders are there Living Large… How many Local Govt Chairmen in this country will come out and say there children school in this NIGERIA….NONE i tell ya’ll…Talkless of Governors and Other Leaders.

    They fly there children OVERSEAS to safety then cos problems that we might all send ourselfs to the grave… and that we go about doing.. Killing in diff Styles ( Bombing, Hanging, Burning, Beheading ) The list goes on….ITS a SHAME to my COUNTRY Nigeria…

    IGBO boy all the way from the East here in Erin and im hearing all dis shit!!! Lord guide me.

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