Nigerians are brighter than their leaders — Bishop Kukah (VIDEO)

Bishop Kukah The Catholic Bishop Of Kaduna Diocese, Mathew Hassan Kukah was on Saturday the Guest of the Week on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise.

According to the Bishop, “The problem with the Nigerian situation is that we’ve ended with a situation in which those who are the governed are far better equipped than those who are doing the governing. It is embarrassing to be in a class in which too many of the kids are brighter than you the teacher… You remain in a constant state of feeling in adequate. You can compensate for the inadequacy by being harsh, by being brutal and stopping children from talking.”

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While speaking extensively on a number of salient issues, he shared his reluctance to dabble in Nigerian politics as he stated that Nigerian politicians are not leaders but mere office holders.

“You can’t be a leader without a philosophy.” He said.

While airing his views on corruption, he opined that “sad as it may sound, corruption is the only thing that works.” He also stated that setting up institutions to battle corruption won’t work.

He also said that the President should secure the loyalty of their followers by making himself believable.

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