Nigeria only uses and dumps you – Osaze Odemwingie laments

Osaze Odemwingie West Bromwich Albion striker Peter Odemwingie on Tuesday lamented how Nigeria treats football players saying ‘You’re only a good guy and professional when you score and give your teams what they want. They throw us out after.’

It would be recalled that Osaze and Obafemi Martins were cut from Nigeria’s team on the way to South Africa 2013.

But Super Eagles coach, Stephen Keshi had stated on Saturday that the national team door is still open to the likes of Osaze Odemwingie and Obafemi Martins. He reiterated that he only dropped those players because he could not accommodate every good Nigerian player in one competition.

Lamenting on social media, Odemwingie said, “When I give all my heart and effort to a team and get overlooked after, how could I possibly be happy? Same in eagles. Same in WBA.”

“Well praised and most criticised at the same time. Something is wrong somewhere. And I bet its not in my attitude. I believe in transparency.”

“Too much corruption in sports these days. Because of few sportsmen who cheat now doping control went from urine to blood test.

When eagles where moved from a decent hotel to a very average one. Coach said to me : few of the boys are indiscipline.

In Africa, we want to be more organised and we use Europe as an example. Yet we listen to our grandfathers who are not exposed to latest.

Stats in sports speak louder than beliefs.

VERY little thing made me fall out with ex eagles coach Siasia, and that’s club commitment. And that commitment was questioned after.

What did that teach me? You only a good guy and professional when you score and give your teams what they want. They throw us out after.

Coaches, players etc. a coach the country is praising now will one day be sacked and to his achievements they ll say: only one cup? I beg.

It’s time to change consciousness a bit in naija. Yekini ( may his soul RIP) our legend died in poverty. The way our big men spraying now

The boy got medals and many caps for naija. T. West I heard not so comfortable and few other. Glo and Mtn please compete who give them more

Wish they looked after our heroes when old and in need the way they are giving out now. Femi Okpabunmi lost his sight and struggling to feed now

I now don’t blame our coaches much when they accept gifts from players. Time is short. Our system has to be sorted. We moving too slow.

One Russian man said : when you hear patriotism talks too much ? Somebody is eating a lot somewhere.

Every state in naija that produced ex internationals should engage them to community services in form of teaching kids and youths pension.”

“I will come out with something after my carrier is over and set up something. Few of my boys are learning now and preparing”

“This is no sweet talking. Never been my style and never will be. Me and Freddy Kanu already working on something for few months now”

  1. Micah Reply

    Nice to hear this from you. However, I don’t think when you are on top of your game you will be overlooked. Kanu Nwakwo, JJ Okocha’ Finidi George, Osaro Obobaifo, Bright Omokaro, Late Rashidi Yekini, Stephen Keshi, Humphrey Edobor, Taribo West and too many to mention we’re never dumped. Boy, you cannot play forever. Diminishing return will definitely come. Pls take it easy. Don’t get unnecessarily angry n offended at everyone. It’s painful but you cannot carry on forever. Cheers.

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