The Goldie Harvey situation – Lest we immortalize nuisance – By Eseoghene Al-Faruq Ohwojeheri

Goldie Harvey About ten years ago I lost a friend in an armed robbery incident. Obviously the armed robbers were not satisfied with robbing they needed to make a point by harming someone in the house and my friend’s mother was their target. As they swung the axe my friend who was the scholar of our class in secondary school protected his mother with his head…. he died; no national award, no postmortem speech from the Governor and of course no celebrity burial; he was just another guy, the fact that he took a battle axe to his head for his mother was irrelevant.

This and many more of it happens in a country wherein people get millions both in local and foreign currency for playing football; a country wherein comedians shake hands with the President and women who kiss strange men on camera in the name of acting take home National Award and an immoral youth who made fame singing about his private part is given special opportunity to interview the President in a desperate campaign strategy because the thinking is that the community is populated by zombies and bimbos who will vote in a PHD holder on the “honour” of a nuisance whose only relevance to society, apart from lewd music, is competition in air and space. Thus the question every sane Nigerian should be asking is when will this madness of undeserved honour stop?

The death of the musician from Ekiti, Goldie Harvey, and the attempt to make it seem like we lost an icon is another and perhaps the worst of all these madness. I do not believe that death, which we will all face, should make you a hero except you died an honourable death. When people just drop dead we grieve and console the family not tell blatant lies as to who they were. This is why the statement of the Ekiti State Governor is worrisome. Mr. Kayode Fayemi is reported to have described Goldie as a “great daughter of Ekiti State” and one has to wonder upon what was this greatness achieved? Are people now great for singing meaningless songs with promiscuous suggestions or for taking and publishing suggestive photos of themselves?

Since when did we consider it greatness to appeal to the sexual cravings of perverts and run after men on camera in the name of a reality show that is far from reality? Since when did it become great achievement that a lady is even thought of as being a junkie in her life time? How can this be great?

In the past fathers will tell their children “don’t bring shame to this family” but nowadays shame and shamelessness is celebrated with such noise that you think the Devil himself is in charge of people’s life and even he has gone crazy.

Ironically, around the same period this unfortunate death occurred Governor Theodora Orji of Abia State was commending Mrs. Nwanyieze Prosper for winning the Purity Queen title for a lady who kept her virginity until her marriage; surprisingly some Nigerians criticized the Governor and even ‘accused’ him of giving her a car whereas Governor Kayode Fayemi was praised for describing Goldie as a “bright star” among other accolades including that she lived a “fulfilled life”. Indeed the world is upside down.

The problem with giving honour to people who did dishonourable acts is that people will definitely emulate them. The Dolly Parton’s of this world made it a fashion for women to expose their cleavage; years on women have lost their husbands to such exposure and homes have collapsed; the Dr. Dre’s of this world made being “gangster” a fashionable thing and years later the gangsters are increasing and we even have a gangster in the White House killing innocent people with Drones…. Martin Luther’s dreams became a Nightmare. And this list goes on and on; for every irresponsible person you honour you make irresponsibility the “swag”, the same way for every man who dies for his mother you honour you make standing up against oppression and protecting the weak the in-thing…. make your choice.

Lastly, we must clarify two issues. The first one is with regards to speaking “evil” about the dead while the second one is the “who are you to judge” comedy.

Firstly, the dead has already met what he or she put forward hence there is no need to speak of its evil. What there is need to do however is to either call the living to an example to live by if the dead is worthy of emulation or to warn the living to stay away from a wasteful lifestyle like that of the dead who lived life as if death was never going to come and this is the real lesson here; life is short, if you live it like Goldie your death may come and meet you in that state; what will you tell your Creator? We cannot pretend this is not the lesson here; it will be one lie too many

Secondly, they ask us not to Judge and we say to them since we are in the spirit of not judging kindly don’t judge the location of your mouth so that you put your food in your nose. We say to them that in this spirit of not judging please cross the road without judging that a vehicle is close enough to knock you down; maybe when you are in the air you will realise your stupidity.

We do not judge a person who has faith that he or she will be in the hellfire, we do not Judge that the person’s bad is more than his/her good, we do not Judge if God will forgive a believer…..but we judge that fornication and the promotion of it is EVIL, and that the one who represented evil dead does not make evil good.

Some others will say an adult can do what he or she likes and you don’t have to force your life on others. The question we have for this set of confused mentally colonized perverts is that this same justification is given to homosexuality and it will soon be given to incest so that if a grown up man and his grown up daughter say they fell in love and want to marry your kind will say well it’s their life, it does not affect me…. can you see now that you are sick?

Conclusively, the lessons from this unfortunate incident can be summarized as thus;

1) Death can come at any time; be prepared to meet your Lord.

2) Fame and fortunes are but illusions, what matters is your relationship with your Creator.

3) The enjoyment of this world is fleeting; don’t let it deceive you.

4) Live a good life; one that does not involve promoting lewdness or any type of evil; death and Judgment is real and it is no respecter of status.

5) It was the honour given her musical mentors that led the lady to not just music but a meaningless form upon which her life ended so let’s ensure that we do not turn scum into icons because people will sure emulate them.

May God Almighty give the family fortitude to bear the lost and guide them aright.

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Eseoghene Al-Faruq Ohwojeheri writes from Benin City, Edo State.

  1. Humdinger Reply

    Hmmm….impressive analysis. I totally get your point. And I commend your writing style, your allusions and criticisms. I hope with time Nigeria produces people like who value morals and integrity. God bless you.

    And u’re right, not all dead celebrities are heroes or great people. Greatness isn’t always earned by dying. May god grant grace and strength to the family of the young lady.

  2. Dee Reply

    I really don’t understand what you mean, in other words you tryna say Goldie was a bad influence and doesn’t deserved to be mourned or talked about. My first question is ‘are you any better than her’? You said ‘if you live it like Goldie your death may come and meet you in that state; what will you tell your creator? My second question is ‘what state do you know that death met Goldie in’? But indeed who are you to jugde? Jesus said ‘he who has not sinned let him cast the first stone’. People have their lives to live, let them live it the way it seemeth right to them, they are gon be the persons answering for themselves, salvation is personal. If you must preach then preach well, how will you get a sinner to repent if you condemn him?? Love is the ultimate commandment! You sin on a daily basis,she sinned as well, are you not aware that there is no big or small sin? Don’t use her as a case study! I agree with your first four conclusions.what can you deduce from this statement with regards to the subject matter?’ in the past fathers will tell their children don’t bring shame to this family but nowadays shame and shamelessness is celebrated’. You haven’t even commended her good deeds in this article.I could go on and on, this is my point of view! If you don’t have something nice to say about her then leave her alone to rest in peace and let her family mourn peacefully!

  3. Ella Reply

    Permit me to call you the purity Queen! So this friend of yours who took the axe for his mum must have been a saint, a demi-god, pure and spotless like you, who never did a single wrong, never stole or cheated or scammed anyone before his unfortunate death and of course must have died a virgin. And the mere fact that he took the axe for his mother, and never received any recognition for his heroism not even from you until now – 10 years after, suddenly makes him a saint. You mourn your friend and remember him for who he was to you which is fine but you lash out your self-righteous epistle to the those who have chosen to mourn a friend, a fellow artiste or a fellow junkie as the case maybe. Let the dead rest however that rest may be. Judge yourself first and ask how you have helped to rid our society or the world from the evil that corrupts it. Its easy for you to point fingers, as though you are not part of the nuisance, as though you don’t live in this world and patronize the evil that perpetrates it one way or the other. Show me one person who is free and blameless. We live by grace, its our duty to fear God and keep his commandments and he that thinks he stands should take heed lest he falls. There is a prince that rules this world, he is called the prince of the air, the devil like you rightly called him. That is why our lives on earth is a test and blessed is he that passes that test. We are all sinners dear miss purity queen, that you don’t live your life sleeping at the joints and smoking heroin or posing in one of those show glasses in europe, naked, doesn’t make you a saint madam. That you are not exposing your boobs to married men and promoting promiscuity in lewd music videos doesn’t make you the pope’s virgin mary either. I bet you have never set foot in a club or any party of sorts where you had to sway your waists ever so slightly to D’banj the koko master’s beat or Goldie’s. Before you pick up your pen again or your computer, whatever, to start preaching that one-way-ticket of a self righteous epistle of yours remember that none is righteous only God and by grace are we saved. In the mean time allow those of us who seemingly have friends among the junkies and the promiscuous to mourn them when they die. If a governor decides to give a dumb speech in return well, what do you expect he is a governor. Allow those of us who have found a friend in Goldie mourn her death. It is not a nuisance, it is simply a case of we lost someone, and we miss her. It is sad that we never made any contributions to her life to make it better than it was. But somehow we hope we can affect a few lives before our time is up. You live in Benin city; with this vicious passion of yours against against sinners I hope you are making a mark especially in the area of human trafficking. You live right in the heart of it. So dear ese, do some good work and save our sisters who are being driven daily into prostitution (to mention the list), then let someone be the one to write an epistle about your good works. Stop pointing those manicured fingers of yours and get down to business. Sinners await your salvation. I hope that wouldn’t be too much trouble for you, seeing that all these prostitutes are constituting the nuisance and evil in the world.

    • charles Reply

      Ella I dnt know you but reading your response to this article I know you’re so my kind of person and I wud like for us to rub minds sometime. If u dnt mind u can reach me on charleslon2002@yahoo. com thanks.

  4. Sunshine Reply

    I actually appreciate your writing and analysing skills but you are talking arrant nonsense!!! I can’t even begin to waste my time typing a long reply but who are you to judge anyone?? pls keep judging yourself & your actions alone.

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