‘I’m 100 times hotter and prettier than Kim Kardashian’ – Actress Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim Ghanaian actress and musician, Juliet Ibrahim, has said she is hotter and prettier than American reality TV star, Kim Kardashian.

Ibrahim suggested it’s about time African organizers start appreciating home grown talent, instead of looking far for options that do little to improve their ratings, as in the case of Miss Kardashian.

Reacting to comments on her Instagram page after expressing her dissatisfaction at the $500,000 fee given to Kim Kardashian for her 45 seconds introduction at a recent event organized by Nigerian pop singer, Darey ‘Love Like a Movie’ concert, the actress said:

“Ok Here’s my 2cents! Been reading comments about Darey’s concert and to be honest I don’t see why he will pay so much money and fly Kim k to Naija just for a 45secs intro on his show,” she says.

Still struggling to believe the organizers had to pay that much for a near no-show, she asks “Like seriously?”

“Bro you could have flown me from Ghana and I would have represented! lol no hard feelings but it’s about time we start appreciating our very own African talents then paying all these foreigners so much for 45 secs performances.

‘The fact is and will always remain I, Juliet Ibrahim is 100 times hotter, prettier than Kim k! I have every right to say so Cus I am an African woman without any surgeries and natural beauty is what I brag of. If this is offending u pls kindly walk without your faulty specs and bang your head into a wall’.

Juliet and Kim


Kim Kardashian


  1. JAFO Reply

    Juliet you are a pretty Lady,appart from that,we still have some beautiful Ladies in africa as well.But those foreiners are in to illuminant which i will not advise you to join.they rule the world.

  2. jennifer Reply

    Ma dear Ibrahim is al called strategies of sellin ticket..Nigerians will not even buy much ticket if u were d one Darey called..Secondly Kim k didn’t do any surgery she’s natural..thirdly she’s finer,hotter n more attractive..Lastly stop comparing urself to Kim K rather look for a way to make ur self more popular so that u can be paid $5000000 to see..African mentality..lool.

  3. Patty Reply

    There is nothing so special about Kim K. Honestly, i wonder why people make so much fuss about her. There are several beautiful people in Hollywood who keep their lives out of the media. Juliet is very pretty, yes, very hot. In my opinion, what counts isn’t how pretty you are but what you carry inside, thatz what stands you out.

    • Lorenzo Cupenzo Reply

      @Patty what stands you out is what you BROUGHT/HAVE BEEN BRINGING to the table….not what you WILL bring to the table. In business nobody cares about what you got on the inside my dear!!!!!!!!!!!

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