Popular World Evangelist, T.L. Osborn is dead

T.L. Osborn Popular American Pentecostal evangelist and author, Tommy Lee Osborn is dead.

He preacher, who was based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, died on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2013, at the age of 89.

Osborn was born at Pocasset in Oklahoma.

Osborn’s crusades in Thailand in 1956 and Uganda in 1957 are said to have laid the foundations for substantial growth in Pentecostalism in those countries.

In a statement on Osborn’s website, daughter LaDonna Osborn said he was known as “the Father of the Gospel.”

Osborn authored several books, including:

“Healing The Sick”
“God’s Love Plan”
“The Good Life”
“The Message That Works”

The Evangelist and his wife, Daisy, married while both were only 17 and 18 respectively and became one of the first modern day missionaries to establish a ministry focusing on face to face contact in a foreign country.

The films and videos of Osborn’s prolific ministry have been distributed in 115 nations in 70 languages. The Osborn National Missionary Assistance Program has helped to establish more than 150 thousand new churches.

An international memorial service is scheduled at 2pm, March 6th at Oral Roberts University’s Christ’s Chapel.

  1. cristina Reply

    el amor de dios sembrado por este gran siervo de trasciende fronteras idiomas tiempo hoy conozco de el a travez del pastor gimenez de argentina, quien comunica de su encuentro con el señor y recibo el manto de sulegado que ha dejado a todo el pueblo de dios para seguir proclamando el mensaje divino que el señor fortalezca toda su congregacion yrenueve con unciom fresca a cada uno amen

  2. Naasei Reply

    Its always sad to hear of death, although it is the one thing certain in this life. Thanks be to God for blessing the world with such a great gift. My prayer is that may his legacy live on and inspire millions now and those yet unborn.


    adeiu, great general of God’s army… your life and books have impacted me so much…. your ministration @ the university of benin in nigeria some years ago where i was present was a great blessing to me….we will meet one day @ God’s feet…

  4. privilege Reply

    A very great hero of the faith passed on to glory and met Daisy to the glory of God. Thank Dr Osborne for a worthwhile life u lived

  5. Godfrey Reply

    Thou has fought a good fight hath kept the faith, and hath finished thy course. I’m inspired by this great man of God.

  6. benjamin rayford Reply

    dr.TL osborn was one of the greatest evangelist of our era..what a blessing he is to the world, and the body of christ..oh how he loves jesus..and it showed in his life and ministry..wow..as he would say..he preached the simplisty of the gospell..he will be greatly missed..the question is ..now that the giants of the faith..has gone on to their eternal reward..what must we do as the body of christ to fill the void..lets go for it..in jesus name…..

  7. Sones Godwin Reply

    Papa Osborn, you’ve been an irresistible influence to the world. Just finished reading one of Papa’s books- outside the sanctuary, reinvigorated by the book and i decided to checkout some of His soul winning tools online only to learn of his transit. We believe in the life above death and hold an undying conviction of seeing rapture with our bodies transformed. i really had wished to see papa in that flight. Papa rest in Christ and i hope to see you one of these days in the spirit. Adieu!

  8. David Mukisa / Mkss on Facebook Reply

    Oh my father my father in faith. I w`d never be the believer i am Without TL Osborn. Who visited Uganda in a time when the Word of God went out of his mouth to change everything about the country. The government, the people and the church.
    The spirit of God literally rained down on everything and everywhere up to today. And now the government and the church have a real understanding….and the first lady is born again.
    Oh my God there is more glory in me imagining where he is now. May God help me make well of my journey, just as my father in faith has. And may his soul wait in peace, if he even have to be among those who wait . For , the man on the right hand cross stepped straight into paradise that evening as the lord promised him.

  9. Boluwape Adebisi Reply

    True Apostle of the Lord, Mighty Man with trails of the greatest Miracles in his time, the man God uses, the true Man of God, thanks to God for permitting you to go in peace to meet my mother in the Lord Daisy Washburn Osborn, i love you forever and we shall do His works u have committed to our hands, we will heal the sick and have a Gospel writing according to our names too, love you Papa, Adiue!

  10. Anonymous Reply

    I was privelaged to be in some of TL’s crusades in Nigeria,He was and still is terror to the kingdom of satan because of the fire soul wining he set in Nigerians.Nigerian pastors call him papa osborn.what a humble man of God,who is always ready to give not only the gospel but his heart also,He is resting having full filed his ministries.

  11. Anonymous Reply

    i heard about you from a great man in nigeria,since then i ve been looking for your books to read, and looking forward to seeing you only to learn you ve gone home,with tears in my eyes i wish i ever saw you,but i will see you in your books…the secret of a man is in his stories…live on papa.

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