Concern and outcry in Cameroon over kidnapped French family

The kidnapping of a French family in Cameroon on Tuesday has caused both concern and outcry. FRANCE 24’s Jonathan Walsh and Willy Bracciano spoke to locals as troops in Nigeria, where the hostages were taken, work towards their release.

Locals in the Cameroonian capital of Yaounde have expressed concern for the seven French nationals kidnapped in the north of the country on Tuesday, with many residents “optimistic” about a quick release.

The family of seven, including four children, were taken near the Nigerian border. Officials suggested the involvement of Boko Haram.

More than 6,000 expatriates have settled in Cameroon yet these kidnappings mark the first time Westerners have been taken hostage in the western African country.

Meanwhile, France is working with Nigerian and Cameroonian authorities to try and locate the family, as President François Hollande said on Thursday it was possible the hostages were being held in separate groups.

A total of 15 French citizens are currently being held in western Africa. The latest incident has added to fears of instability and danger toward Westerners.

France 24

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