PHOTOS: Soldiers kill Nassarawa state university students

Nassarawa State University students

Nassarawa State University students

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At least three protesting students of Nasarawa State University, Keffi (NSUK) have been shot dead by soldiers on Monday in a bid to disperse them.

It was gathered that the soldiers shot at the students at around 11am in order to open the barricade by students, who were protesting the scarcity of water in and around the institution which had lasted for over one week.

The students had blocked the main road in front of the school gate, which reportedly disrupted traffic for several hours. They chanted “No water, no road”, during the protest.

However, in a bid to disperse the students to allow free flow of traffic, the soldiers fired live bullets. Three students were reportedly killed while some were injured and have been rushed to the hospital.

The students began the protest early Monday morning after about two weeks of water crisis which hit Keffi because the management could not treat and pump water from Mada Water Works along Keff-Akwanga Road.

Meanwhile the management of the university has announced the decision to close down the school, according to Jamil Zakari, spokesman of the university.

Photo credit: Premium Times

  1. David Emmanuel Esson Reply

    Students no longer have right in this country. It wasn’t a war, just peaceful demonstration. Why soldiers? I wish an action be brought against this BARRELS. So so disappointed. R I P for those gone and quick recovery for those injured.

  2. concern nigerian Reply

    What could have triggered the soldiers by shooting rioting students with live bullets?it is disheartening what we are witnessing today under a corrupt and directionless leader,the sooner 2015 approach,the better for all nigerians,may their gentle souls rest in peace.

  3. ¤Excel~twist¤ Reply

    Hmm wat a tragedy God pls restore NSUK in Jesus name.

  4. ¤Excel~twist¤ Reply

    Hmm wat a tragedy God pls restore NSUK in Jesus name. Bsids i wonder y soldiers will fire live bullets at students hmm this is absurd.

  5. Student Reply

    i saw it live, i am a living witness, soldiers all over student hostels in high court, aiming at students with live rounds, breaking doors and bringing students out of their hostels and flogging student threatening to shoot unarmed female students on their boots. i watch them from a distance broke into, the following hostels, one ten, rome, callybase, facebook. some students even reported their phones missing after the soldiers left. na wa o, God is watching, R.I.P to my fellow students who lost their lives, you died speaking the truth, you died protecting your right…you died a true Nigerian student. greeeaaaaat Nigeriaaaaaaaa Students!!!!!

  6. Anonymous Reply

    Dont worry my fellow student it is illitrancy that is in them

  7. Anonymous Reply

    Hearthless soldiers people are protesting for thier right why shooting instead of sorting things out with them stupid soldiers abeg am coming to nsuk 2017 ooo nobody should harm any of our student oo

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