VIDEO: Watch Boko Haram threatening to execute French family kidnapped in Cameroon

A video apparently showing seven French hostages kidnapped from northern Cameroon has been posted online, with a man claiming that Boko Haram holds them.

The video, posted Monday to YouTube, shows two men, a woman and four children flanked by two armed men wearing camouflage uniforms. Another speaks in Arabic in front and says that Boko Haram has taken them hostage over the French military intervention in northern Mali.

The spokesperson says Boko Haram wants its members freed in exchange for the hostages. He also threatens the governments of Cameroon and Nigeria.

The spokesperson confirmed they belong to the Jama’a Ahl al-Sunnah lil Da’wa wal Jihad, better known as Boko Haram.

He accused France of waging war on Islam, and said the condition for releasing their hostages was for the Nigerian government to release all female jihadists imprisoned, while the Cameroonian government releases their male counterparts.

“Finally, I say to you, fulfill all of these things, and if you leave one thing from them we will slaughter those we took, we will slaughter those we took,” the spokesperson threatened at the end of the video.

The vacationing French family was kidnapped in northern Cameroon last week. Cameroonian and Nigerian soldiers are searching for them in the arid, rural border region the two countries share in West Africa.

  1. concern nigerian Reply

    What a conflicting story,same african spotlight posted on the 23rd of feb 2012 that boko haram issued a disclaimer denouncing the abduction of the french family,it further went on to published that the nigerian security operative has rescued this same family in dikwa town borno state,so which execution are we talking of?please african spotlight you always have a way of contradicting yourself infact it has happened in so many postings.

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