PDP’s only purpose is to retain power by hook or crook – Buhari

Former Head of State Gen. Muhammadu Buhari yesterday said Nigeria ‘is in the grip of a bad government whose only purpose is to retain power by hook or crook.’



Gen. Buhari said Nigerians are tired of bad governance and corruption, which have characterised the PDP Federal Government since 1999.

He added that those factors led the opposition parties to join forces to oust the PDP from power.

Speaking yesterday at a meeting of elected representatives of his party – the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), Gen. Buhari said: “The country is in the grip of a bad government whose only purpose is to retain power by hook or crook; preferably by crook. PDP does not need merger or alliance; they are already merged and are in alliance with police, INEC and Judiciary, with NNPC and pension funds. The country is tired of PDP, we are tired of oppression, corruption and impunity.”

Gen. Buhari expressed satisfaction with the progress of the merger talks and urged party members not to allow personal and petty interests to becloud them from the broader national interests.

Gen. Buhari said the CPC Board of Trustees (BoT) met last Saturday and formed eight committees to fast-track the merger. He singled out the registration committee as one of the most important because it is through its efforts that the party will gain more members.

“Our party is at the doorsteps of a historic opportunity to alter the political landscape of Nigeria . Our move to link and merge with the ACN and subsequently with other parties who have broadly similar philosophies, namely good governance, is on the verge of success.

“When we sit in negotiating sessions, our strength will be in our numbers. We should negotiate hard, but always have the ultimate goal in mind. Personal and ethnic interest should always take second place to broader national interests,” he said.

The CPC has announced the merger with the Action Congress of Nigerian (ACN), the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) and the All Progressive Grand Alliance to form the APC.

The new party is processing its registration with the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

Gen. Buhari urged the elected members to be proud of being the genuinely elected representatives of their people.

According to him, “I believe merger is the only way to prevent the continuation of this bad governance. The political class is at one page that the only way to stabilise the nation is for the opposition to merge and face the ruling party because the country is tired of the PDP and its oppression, corruption, insecurity etc.”

Speaking further he said, “You did not use police to intimidate voters; you did not use INEC staff to inflate your votes. You won, in spite of all attempts by government to rig you out. How many in the PDP can say that? They are very few. You can, therefore, hold your heads high as genuine representatives of your constituents. You are true sons of democracy. Your position is even more important than party officials and party leaders because you are the face of the CPC.”

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