Tragedy: Nigerian church set ablaze (PHOTO)

THE Prayer, Faith and Miracle Ministry, a church located at Asa Dam area in Ilorin was on Tuesday burnt down by yet to be identified people.

Some of the property burnt in the church

Remnants of the burnt church

The church which is also known as Ori-Oke Majemu Agbara was said to have been set ablaze by 12:30am when none of the church members or security guard was around.

The suspected arsonists also burnt musical instruments, and public address system kept in the church but spared the bible and portraits of Jesus Christ which they removed to the frontage of the church.

They also reportedly carted away plastic chairs, about 400 in number, members of the congregation and clerics of the church use during service.

Pastor in charge of the church, Paul Adekeye said the building had been badly burnt before they got wind of the development and invited the fire fighters to douse the flame.

He said the part-time security guide they employed to watch over the church did not come for duty when the incident occurred on the excuse that his wife was indisposed.

Adekeye said they had no quarrel over the land save about five years ago when a man from Baboko area of the town who claimed to be the estate agent in charge of it asserted that the land was not meant for church building.

He said the man had since around that time stopped coming to disturb them when he was told that he owner of the land who conveyed it to them had disowned him and disproved his claim.

The pastor who said they could not yet suspect anybody as the perpetrator of the arson disclosed that the church has reported the matter to the police and the Department of Security Service and that they had come to inspect it and promised to carry out a full investigation on it.

Adekeye who said property destroyed in the arson worth millions of Naira urged the state government to come to the aide of the church in reconstruct the building.

Also reacting to the development, the secretary of neighborhood Christian Association Of Nigeria (CAN), Ayetoro/Jooro district in Asa Dam area, Gabriel Olasunkanmi Taiwo said while they suspected no body yet as the brain behind the arson they appeal to the people to fear God and repent of the act.

He also urged the state government to intervene to ensure that an end is put to burning of churches in the town.

Another church, a branch of Living Faith Church was burnt in the town by unknown men about three months ago with the state CAN suspecting a renown University Islamic lecturer being the instigator of the arson.

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