PHOTOS: Abuja National Stadium From Green Grass To Forest And Now Desert

Abuja National Stadium

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Abuja National Stadium

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Abuja National Stadium

Abuja National Stadium

By Saharareporters

In September 2012, a popular photo journalist, Femi Ipaye visited the National Stadium in Abuja and photo-documented the degeneration of the structures built by former President Olusegun Obasanjo for $300 million. The stadium main arena and facilities had become decrepit and decayed because they had not been maintained.

A few months later, Mr. Ipaye returns to the stadium to document the current state of the pricey sports arena, Nigeria’s biggest and most expensive. Again, he finds the stadium still abandoned but apparently undergoing some renovation and rehabilitation allegedly by construction giant Julius Berger. However, the cost of rehabilitation remains a mystery. Still the arena remains in a state of disrepair and dysfunction.

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    can this country ever change? people are dying everyday from poverty related illness, look at our National stadium, look at our roads, and yet the so-called first lady have the guts to say she wants to build a first lady house worth billions.. God we need you urgently in our FASO(fatherland)

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