Chinese woman, 44, hasn’t cut her 6ft 7in locks in 11 years; her tresses are longer than she is

A Chinese woman hasn’t cut her hair for the past 11 years and her locks now hang at 6ft 7in long.

In comparison to her long hair, 44-year-old Cen Yingyuan only stands 5ft feet in height, meaning that unless she ties up her tresses her hair trails on the floor as she walks.

Cen, who lives in Guigang, in the Guangxi Province, says ‘I have saved the hair for 11 years, and I am quite addicted to it.’

Cen Yingyuan

Unsurprising every time Cen goes out she and her hair attract a lot of attention from passers by, but Cen is proud of her unusual ‘do’.

She treasures her hair so much she even collects any strands that drop out. ‘Starting from 2005 I started to collect the dropped ones when combing. Usually I can collect around 50g a year.’

Cen said many people have offered to buy her hair, and the highest amount she has ever been offered was 20,000 Yuan (£2,000).

Cen takes good care of her hair and is proud that there is no grey. ‘If the hair started to turn grey, I’ll dye it all white, making myself have another look.’

However, Cen’s long hair does come with disadvantages as it takes her over an hour to wash and then half a day to dry.

She is unable to wash it in a shower or bath due to its extreme length and is forced to bend over a bucket.

Cen washes her hair every four days and her secret to keeping it shiny is to use a bottle of beer.

And Cen is not alone in being obsessed with growing her hair.

The Red Yao women, a minority ethnic group from Huangluo Yao Village in China, have an average hair length of 5.5 feet with the longest locks measure more than 6.8 feet.

Incredibly, the women cut their hair only once in their lives, at 16 years old, before they start their search for a husband, as they believe a woman long hair brings longevity, wealth and good fortune.

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