Nollywood actress Ayo Adesanya goes for surgery

Ayo Adesanya Nollywood actress Ayo Adesanya has revealed why she had to go for surgery.

The Yoruba actress has a tattoo on her arm. The first attempt to totally erase the image from her arm, Ayo confessed, wasn’t palatable at all.

According to her, “I recently had a surgery, it’s fading off gradually but it’s so painful. It gets swollen and too painful,” she said. It was painful when I first did it but removing it now is more painful. I’m supposed to go for another surgery soon,” Ayo said.

Speaking on why she has to go through such pains removing what she did, she said then she saw it as fashion trend sort of, but her perception about it changed totally when her pastor showed her a place in the Bible where God frowns at tattoos.

Hear her, “I actually went to a church to pray and they gave me a Bible verse, I never knew it was against Christianity until the Pastor opened a passage that I should read, and that was how I knew. It’s actually so beautiful when you have tattoos but immediately I knew it was a sin then, I made up my mind to clean it.”

Ayo now has a man in her life and they will be getting married soon.

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