Uganda opposition leader arrested for boarding a taxi

By Theafricareport

Uganda opposition leader arrested for boarding a taxi Uganda opposition leader Kiiza Besigye has been arrested for trying to travel by taxi after police accused him of plotting a fresh round of protests against government.

The former leader of the main opposition party, the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) leader was accused of by police of trying to “disrupt peace” in the capital Kampala together with his personal assistant Sam Mugmya.

“Besigye and his personal assistant were arrested at Kasangati trading centre near his home, as they were boarding a commuter taxi,” said FDC official, John Mukasa.

“The taxi was meant to drop them in Kampala. But as they were getting inside, police arrested them.”

Mukasa said Besigye like any other citizen had a right to travel anywhere in the country using any means of transport.


Is it a crime for Besigye to board a taxi and travel to Kampala?” he asked.

“Besigye’s driver was arrested recently and since he had no one to drive his vehicle he had a right to use the taxi.”

Kampala region police commander Stephen Tanui said the two were being held at Kira Town Council police station about six kilometers from where they were arrested.

“It is our duty to maintain peace,” Tanui said.

“Besigye attempted to disturb peace. He tried to start walk-to-work activities. We are holding him under preventive arrest.’


Walk to work was an opposition party strategy to force government to improve the lives of local people when food prices skyrocketed early last year.

But the campaign turned bloody and several people were severely injured after police attempted a crackdown.

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