Woman loses bid to divorce husband who wants to marry her brother’s ex-wife

A 25-year-old woman, Aisha, of Zamani village, Abuja, on Wednesday, lost her bid to divorce her husband, Nasiru Yakubu, following his decision to marry her brother’s ex-wife.


Haruna Masanawa, the Presiding Judge of the Lugbe Area Court, said that Aisha failed to provide the court with substantial reasons to warrant the dissolution of her marriage.

Masanawa said that in Islam, “there is no law that forbids the plaintiff’s husband from taking a new wife, even her brother’s ex-wife’’.

“The plaintiff did not establish any prohibiting grounds that can make the court to grant her application to dissolve the marriage.

“The marriage of the defendant to the plaintiff’s brother’s ex-wife is legal.

“Therefore, the case is hereby dismissed for lack of grounds to dissolve the marriage,’’ Masanawa said.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) recalls that Aisha had urged the court to dissolve her marriage following her husband’s decision to marry her brother’s ex-wife.

She said she had advised her husband against his bid to marry her brother’s former wife.

“I told him I cannot put up with such a sacrilege. I would rather opt out of the marriage and go back to my parents if he goes ahead to marry her.

“Besides, my lord, I am fed up with the marriage due to so many irreconcilable differences with my husband. I want to leave his house and have my peace,’’ she said.

On his part, Yakubu said he still loved Aisha and wanted reconciliation.

“I am not aware that my new wife is an ex-wife to my wife’s elder brother. But I am aware that she hails from the same village with the plaintiff.

“All I can say is that I know my new wife to be from the same village as Aisha, but I did not know her relationship with the plaintiff’s elder brother,” Yakubu said.

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