List of elected governors & senators for all 47 counties in Kenya

Here is the list of governors and senators for all 47 counties in the country, elected following March 4 general elections:

Kenya governors

Picture 4

list of senators elected in Kenya

Picture 8

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    The best one ever

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    Continue with your Good Work Governors

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    great list,I think this county government should be involved in the amendment bill.if one foresees this as i do,this bill would sail smoothly hence leading to referendum, and this so called Okoa Kenya the opposition coalition are calling for each day.To conclude,if we allow the two houses,that is National assembly and senate which however they are headed by tyranny of numbers,we will never come into a concurrence of the amendment of this promulgated constitution 2010,with full of mistakes so to say.

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    YES .

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    Leaders r not corpt. Corruption start bottom. Kwamfano masaa ya pombe ni saa gapi ? Watu Wengi wanalewa saa gapi?

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    Kenya lead in corruption we have no good leader

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    Thanks for the information..wish them all the best.John Ngigi Kimiri

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