List of elected governors & senators for all 47 counties in Kenya

Here is the list of governors and senators for all 47 counties in the country, elected following March 4 general elections:

Kenya governors

Picture 4

list of senators elected in Kenya

Picture 8

  1. Anonymous Reply

    is a Omanyala, educative but update the list.God bless the leaders lakini wasile sana.

  2. Anonymous Reply

    wakule watakavyo

  3. Anonymous Reply

    otieno Kajwang’ is dead.No longer Senator

    • Anonymous Reply

      don’t be ignorant bwana! that’s Moses Otieno Kajwang AND not Gerald Otieno Kajwang.

  4. Anonymous Reply


  5. Anonymous Reply


  6. Anonymous Reply

    Mutula Kilonzo died long time ago!!!!!!!

  7. Anonymous Reply

    can see light behind curtains. these fellows have eaten greedly to their satisfaction.God punish them all.

  8. Anonymous Reply

    They must do their work properly

  9. Anonymous Reply

    i love the work of Jackson Mandago gudos

  10. Anonymous Reply

    update your data,Mutula Kilonzo aint no more !!!!!!!

  11. Anonymous Reply

    Mandago has done a good job in Uasin-Gishu and surely he fits for the next term!

  12. Anonymous Reply

    Update the list to eliminate those that have passed on thank

  13. Anonymous Reply

    The senator of trans nzoia olendiema have done nothing so he dont fit next electio!

  14. Anonymous Reply

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  15. Anonymous Reply

    karachuonyo pple 2 style up wachane na Rege yeye pia ni mkenya kama wengine

  16. Anonymous Reply

    2017 Homa bay tunapeleka Oyugi Magwa for governor

  17. Anonymous Reply

    its not up to date,some people died long time ago surely

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