VIDEO & Copy of Statement: Ansaru group claim it killed 7 foreign hostages, states reason

Scroll down for video (not in English)…

SITE Intelligence Group, “Al-Qabidun ‘Ala al-Jamr (Grippers of Embers) Media Foundation, an affiliate of the Sinam al-Islam Network, issued the following communique in Arabic and English on March 9, 2013, and also provided screen captures of a forthcoming video showing the dead hostages.”

Ansaru statement

New terror group, Ansaru, today released a video about the 7 foreign hostages killed by the group ‘because UK warplanes were seen in the area’

Ansaru seized the men on February 16 from the site of a Setraco construction company.

In a statement, the terrorists cited reports that British planes had been spotted at a Nigerian airport, suggesting that a rescue operation was imminent.

But the Ministry of Defence categorically said its planes were only present at Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja to assist the French-led operation in Mali, categorically denying any involvement in a rescue bid.

Credit: Dailymail

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