North controlling Nigeria’s oil blocks claim is cheap political statement – Farouk Lawan

Embattled Hon Faruk Lawan of the national assembly in an interview with journalists in Ilorin during the 50th
birthday celebration of Hon Moshood Mustapha:

Farouk Lawan

Your reaction that people from the north control majority of the oil blocks in Nigeria?

Other statements that conflict the position of Senator Eta Enang have also been said. His statement is not backed by empirical data. I have also seen the statement by the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) that said the senator’s disclosure should be properly investigated.

Without necessarily taking on Senator Ita Enang, my first impression is that it is purely cheap political statement. Of course, ACF had demanded a probe into that. We may never know the truth until a proper analysis. Senator Enang needs to back his analysis with data to prove what he is saying is right. We are living in an age where somebody cannot just wake up to make a statement that is so potent and so important especially sources of oil resources in this country.

Insecurity in Kano state

If anybody says he cannot go to Kano because of insecurity, that person is being mischievous. There are millions of people in Kano who are doing their businesses without any problem of insecurity. Yes here and there you get some pockets of insecurity, but come to think of it, Kano has a population of about 11 million people and if in a month you hear of single attack, it doesn’t mean that wherever you go to in Kano is in-secured. Where not in a war situation, the level of threat that is in Kano is over exaggerated and I believe that is equally one way of solving the problem. The moment you begin to live under the fear that you cannot address the problem then it becomes very difficult to address. We must consciously have this confidence that the crisis of insecurity not only in Kano but other state of the federation is something that can be solved.

The reality is that I feel safer in Kano state than in Abia state, because if I go to Abia with my state recognition I can easily be kidnapped. So we need to try to downplay the issue.


I think the solution belongs to all of us but the government had to lead the way. Government had to provide long term solution to the problem by empowering the people. This can be done by creating jobs and reducing poverty especially among the youth to the barest minimum. Where you have the very large population of people who are poorly educated, who have no hope for them in future then you are breeding the ground for insecurity and that can happen anywhere in the world.

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