Man bets wife in a gambling game

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Kenya – A man in his early 40s, who doubles up as a farmer and a transporter, caused a stir at a village in Kirinyaga County when he offered his wife in exchange for a gambling debt after losing his money and prime assets.

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The incident, which happened two weeks ago, however, almost ended tragically when the man turned around later and, wielding a razor-sharp machete, resisted his wife to be taken away by his creditor.

The industrious man owns an ox-cart that he uses to carry goods and luggage, but unfortunately, most of his earnings end up in gambling.

His addiction has, on several occasions, caused strife in his home when he sold household properties to get money to gamble.


“Sometimes he gambles with items that are in the house and I only see the winners coming to cart this or that away.

There is nothing I can do to stop them, hence we keep losing our chicken, farm produce and other household goods,” his wife told Crazy Monday.

Not long ago, the man sold an ox at Sh60,000 in preparation to take his son to a secondary school.

But all he did was to take his son for shopping for various school items. He gambled half of what remained.

The next day, he gave his wife some money to take the boy to school, then sold all his dried coffee beans worth thousands to go try win the money he had lost gambling.

As fate would have it, he lost all the money within a few hours.

Determined to recoup his loses, he gambled his remaining ox, which he also lost.


“He must have been rather mad because he finally offered his cart in one last gamble hoping he would win back the what he had lost. It is as if he was possessed or had been bewitched,” said his wife.

When the cart went, the man offered his wife and a price was set.

Some young men among the gamblers were very excited about the strange offer and they happily gambled hoping to win a woman to spend Valentine’s Day with. Needless to say, the luckless man lost.

When he went home, he was unable to eat or sleep and kept swearing he would do ‘something bad’ the whole night.

The following day when the young man who had won the bet came to collect his ‘property’, he saw the man dash out of the house running towards him with a sharp machete in his hand, causing him to flee at lightning speed!

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