Human parts seller caught red-handed in Osun State (PHOTOS) – Viewer’s discretion advised

Human parts seller caught red-handed in Osun State A middle-aged man has been caught selling human parts in the Oke-Opo area of Ilesha in Osun State. He was apprehended by the Police after tip off by the residents of the area.

He was actually caught while dismembering an unknown man.

However, it is not known if he finds people, kill them, butcher them then sell their parts or if he digs graves for dead bodies and sell their parts.

Details still sketchy…

Find the picture below (Viewer’s discretion advised)

Human parts seller caught red-handed in Osun State

  1. Omololu Reply

    This is barbaric. The law should be made to take its course. This is inhuman

  2. mimi4naija Reply

    God! this is the apex of human wickedness. How on this earth can we have peace if we treat each other with such brutality? Haba Haba why?

  3. Sir Manchus Reply

    Thats nonsense and is an act of stupidity, how can human part be sold for the sake of poverty? any body involve in such act should be kill the same way and people should keep on praying couse the end time have come

    • Anonymous Reply

      Pray to who? Have you made up a new god just for yourself, moron.

  4. iyanda peter oladele Reply

    this d real end time, accrdng to matt 24:1-end

  5. Anonymous Reply

    Well this is unbliverble,and is against human right government should act now kill those whose involving all these act.

  6. Anonymous Reply


  7. Anonymous Reply

    Poop! I have to poop bad!!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHH

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