NYSC Should Be Extended To Two Years – Jang

Governor Jonah Jang of Plateau yesterday advocated for the extension of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) service to two years to allow for military training.

Governor Jonah Jang

“The youth corps members are supposed to receive military training for a year so that when they are through, they can be useful to the society, “Jang said during a courtesy visit by the Minister of Youths Development, Mr. Inuwa Abdullahi.

Jang said that one year service was not enough, therefore “we need to re-evaluate it and improve on it to include proper military training.”

He criticised the situation whereby after the service, youths had nothing, and this called for proper guardian counselling.

“Youths are supposed to be counselled right from secondary school before they enter the university so that they can read courses that will give them a future. More than 70 per cent of our university students are reading humanities while the remaining 30 per cent are science students. Nigeria needs to look at the possibility of creating special science and technical schools that could give the youth some hope; meaningful military training during their service will perfect it,” he said.

According to him, the nation is in need of deliberate policies that can stimulate the Nigerian economy by raising the youth in a useful and profitable manner.

He said that if the university graduates could be self employed to provide jobs for other youths, “then be sure the nation is on its way to economic development and growth.”

Earlier, Abdullahi thanked the governor for building an orientation camp for the NYSC. (NAN)

  1. Adunola Reply

    In a country where we have a lot of youth addicted to social networks, we should use the social networks to spread the message that the so called NYSC, should be scrapped. People are deprived from serving in private sectors, they are taken to schools, LGA e.t.c to serve.
    The government are looking for cheap labour, they are wasting the lives of many youths in the name of NYSC. Education in university is four years while their children go abroad to study in universities that are 3yrs to earn a degree and 4yrs to earn a degree plus masters. After making youth spend four years for a degree that ought to be 3yrs, now they want them to spend two years wearing khaki. What a mess. I think youths should come out and put an end to NYSC, why can’t they (govt) introduce a scheme that helps student immediately in final year get a job posting and not service. That way people get a job from their final year, that’s what a country like Nigeria needs. A govt that rejected the bill to pay unemployed graduates just 20k, are re-colonising their youths by extending service year.

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