Ruggedman blasts ChannelsTV crew over ‘My Oga At The Top’ interview

Ruggedman Following the negative reactions from Nigerians that trailed the embarrassing outing of the Lagos State Commandant of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), Obafaiye Shem, on Channels Television morning programme, popular Nigerian rapper, Ruggedman, has voiced his displeasure (via twitter) at the ChannelsTV crew for the way they handled the guest.

(In case you missed the interview, find the video below!)

Find his tweets below:

Ruggedman blasts ChannelsTV crew over 'Oga At The Top' interview

Ruggedman blasts ChannelsTV crew over 'Oga At The Top' interview

  1. lemar Reply

    Obviously Ruggedman knows nothing about journalism. It is not the journalist job to protect the guest, it is rather her duty to ensure that the society is protected from men who can’t answer simple questions yet hold positions with large checks. The journalist role is to the society, the masses not to the elites or the ogas @ d top. The journalist’s role is in fact to expose evils in the society, evils in the society such as ignorance in high places such as the one displayed. Stay with your rap, artiste.

    • omolola Reply

      Its pains my heart,that nigerians are so jobless,what’s the big deal about what d man said,the journalist as ruggedman man,has said they are unprofessional idiots who those not no their jobs.let face the man issue,he has not stolen soooo.even wen we have politician mess up our money all over the places.pls let’s us pray for the man.its a spiritual forces to bring him down.but God will fight for him.we are all human beings prone to errors

    • mean Reply

      You are just a poor man and a wizard

  2. Nwamazi Reply

    I totally agree with Lemar. Ruggedman has no business pointing blame to the Channels crew at all. Journalists have a duty to society first… He should take time and watch internationally acclaimed hosts like Pierce Morgan, Larry King or Anderson Cooper to mention a few. Its their duty to point out ignorance in high places, rather than covering up for inexcusable blunders of our so-called leaders. Like Lenar said, Nwanne, stick to your rap! Period!!!

  3. Mayple Reply

    Thank you at Lemar.

    I would have given Ruggedman’s point a serious thought, but to think that he didn’t say anything about the incompetence or mediocrity of a Public Servant in such a leadership position makes me ignore all Ruggedman is ranting about.

    By the way, the Channels TV crew even tried for not bursting out with laughter like we all did when we watched the interview.

  4. JB Reply

    Ruggedman you got this totally wrong….I thought we were all trying to make Nigeria a transparent nation? So why suggesting a cover up for such a disgraceful act? YES I support the stick to you MIC ideal that Lemar said

    • omolola Reply

      Let’s think outside the box,public servant and so he God.or is that his primary assignment.the man in question has gone for series of interview and it was a success,I don’t see anything bad in what he just a plan work to pull him down.he has managed a lot of organisation at the managerial level.if he is not intelligent,he won’t get to the post .so let forget this and think of what has bn done to people who stole our money and were forgive.Nigerians let think.

  5. Godwin Reply

    I cnt stp lafin Here…..He nids a Crious English Tutorial.

  6. Eric Reply

    The moderator, followed standard ethics in a would be embarrassing situation, that the commandant placed himself before the public. Play back and you ll hear the moderator said saved the commandant his breath with the words”That’s it” which ended the oga at the top questions. Whats wrong if the commandant confessed not knowing the website, just as some drivers would confessed to have forgotten their vehicle number. That’s the imperfection in human. But to prove to know when one knew nothing brings nothing but shame, embarrassment and joke of the year as with ”my Oga at the top”. Channels Crew well done!

    • NattyB Reply

      Thank you Eric for making the point

  7. Muideen Reply

    I would not agree with the earlier posts. If you watch the full interview, he had owned up to not knowing the website by repeatedly saying that “NSCDC is not recruiting presently, and when the time comes to recruit, the website will be published for all to see”. Further more, when they insisted that he divulge some information, he admitted that his “ogas in Abuja” have the full info about this. So there was no reason for them to keep probing, especially when he started stammering and was sounding unconvincing. I expected, they should moved to the next question. I bet you no CNN journalists would do that to an american public office holder in this situation.

    However, “My oga at the top” takes the largest portion of the blame because the way he handled the situation and his general composure was way below expected standard. “He could also have answered with a note of finality that the website would be announced when the time comes as there are some maintenance works on it at the moment.

    • Wale Reply

      Obviously you have never watched any cnn (american interviews)interviews of public officials. Why do u think Sarah Palin was the joke of America for many years?

      • mike Reply

        Man, don’t bother explaining to people. Ignorance is what Nigeria is suffering from. Sarah Palin was and still is the joke of not just America but the world. Before anyone holds a high position like this in the States, they go through serious scrutiny and proof of qualification. Nigeria is all about who can call me sir and kiss my ass.

    • Jessam Reply

      So he should have lied abi, that is what u would have done if u were there abi “under maintenance”, be careful, you are just another “oga at the top” in the making.

  8. NattyB Reply

    Mtcheww!!! RuggedMan – wat d hell r U sayin, guy, must U talk for cheap & HIGHLY CHEAP publicity. If U dont know something simply & honourably accept U dont or better still, U are not sure. It was obvious He was trying too hard to present a picture of what he is not, namely, dat He is knowledgeable. Please focus on Ur crumbling career & stop dis nonsense PEACE or WAR talk…

    • omolola Reply

      U better let’s us all be careful and mind our own business.I pray we will never be disgrace.and u dat is talking.are u perfect

      • Ngz Reply

        Omolola apparently you belong to Shem’s cadre of people in intelligence! Why should I be afraid of being disgraced like that? It is when you don’t know something and you pretend like you do and after giving a silly answer to a question, you smirk as if you have just bested the enquirer at his own game that you get disgraced!

  9. DrShiks Reply

    Rugged has neva been an intelligent one…u dnt need a second view to realise it was jst a simple question…jst a question, hw simpler can it get!!!

  10. Harphyz Figoman Reply

    I reckon Muideen doesn’t really watch interviews on international (American) TV stations like he claimed. If an American public holder is not sure, he’d never act like Mr. She did, or give an impression that he’s unsure.

    There is a way you can wriggle your way out even if you’re backed in a corner. I watched one where the interviewee mentioned a figure partially when asked about amount of money budgeted and spent on the US Military mission. He said ‘250’ without specifying if it’s ‘thousand’ or ‘millions’. The interviewer kept probing till he got what he wanted.

    I’m sure Mr. Shem gets paid handsomely, yet he cannot fully defend his office or agency on National TV. Fact is, he just doesn’t know, just like a large percentage of our ‘Ogas at the top’ in Nigeria knows zilch about important things.

  11. Kingsley Reply

    First i will say the scenario was not in any way the fault of the journalists.

    Muideen who is sayin CNN journalists won’t do that, its obvious u don’t even watch CNN. When the commandant kept talkin abt recruitment not in progress, the journalist clarified that it had nothing to do with recruitments but NSCDC. They clarified that they need to know the website for NSCDC’s information. Simple.

    And incase you all did not notice the topic of the programme, it was Job Racketeering … And back in the days, the nscdc claimed that the websites asking for money for jobs were fake. So if the journalists keep asking for a website from nscdc’s senior officer, then i believe they are right.

    As said by almost everyone here, the job of the journalist is firstly to protect the public. So its better not to make comments on things u know nothing about. Ruggedman and his likes should STFU! Mr Shem has himself to blame for embarassing himslef and the whole country as a whole. Its obvious that he is one of those people involved in d job racketeering acts.

    All sed. Thanks.

  12. Oge Reply

    Ruggedman…jst by the mere sound of ur name shows that your brain is rugged too.. U shld focus more on ur career and only make sensible comments abt topical issues bcos in this case ur comments are baseless…I tink placing u on Channels will also expose ur ignorance n u will become an object of mockery like the NSCDC commandant..mediocrity shld not be covered or protected anywere in our national life if Nigeria must move the way wen are u releasing ur next album n it beta b good

    • omolola Reply

      have u ever dream of bn at the top before.or is ruggedman ur mate. U Better mind ur biz,but I don’t blame u,its joblessness.becos if u have better things to do,u won’t be talking nonsense.

  13. ayo Reply

    i think ruggedman is out of lyrics…he does not have anything important to do,thats why he could have much time to defend someone who has shown gross incompetence regarding what puts food on his table#bros,e go beta make u jst shut up there#

    • omolola Reply

      Mr too known,hope u are a graduate and if so what do u came out wit.this man in question made a first class.let just forget that.does ur daddy knowns what website is all about.

      • mike Reply

        shut your mouth mumu. His daddy is not in the position to know such things. Are you serious? An educated individual would find a way to get around that question even without a good answer. But opening your mouth to say “My Oga at the top?” God dammit! you are so stupid for giving him credit. Did you even listen to the interview between sarah palin and katie couric? Come on be real. If anyone wants to get as much money this man is earning and hold such a high ranking position. they better know their stuff for goodness sake!

      • efikboi Reply

        “what do u came out wit”…..lmao….”does ur daddy knows what website is all about”….lool….. Ur camp is evident!

  14. david Reply

    I think he has been suspended over that blunder www. NSCDC. that is it

  15. david Reply

    I think he has been suspended over that blunder www. NSCDC. that is it.
    And come to think about it the journalist would not have imagine the guest would not know their website. Ruggedman please don’t allow this to happen to you

  16. shelly Reply

    Is news that nscdc staff collect huge sums of money to secure jobs for the general populace? This is evident in the babaric and unwholesome show of shame by Mr Shem…He has no idea of the correct website for his organisation and he actually came to channels tv to defend same organisation against job rackeeting via fake websites. Who is fooling who. Channels tv has shown us they can compete favourably with journalists in the western world. Keep it up.

  17. laura Reply

    I only feel 4 mr shems kids. I cn imagine wat it ll be lyk in skol . I’m sure it ws Gods own way 2 punnish mr shem, its a big big big shame dat a top govt official doesn’t knw d website of where he is assigned 2. Hw cn such a prsn be in a top position?hw did he get dere? Dat man should be a trader or so. Dis seriously exposes d corruption in nig. Wen ,smart,disciplined,principled,God fearing nd intelligent men re put in high offices only den cn nija move 4ward. Rugged thank God ur my broda 4rm dsame local govt, if nt I’ll ve given u a piece of my mind.
    Madam omolala dis 1 ur supportn rugged lyk dis,I hope u dnt tink he ll chyke u ohh. It won’t hpn,nt evn in ur nxt world.

  18. mike Reply

    I hate it when these dumb celebrities think their opinion counts when things that have to do with something as serious as national security is raised. This foolish rapper is blaming Channel’s TV for straightening out this man? You have to be kidding. Have you even seen the interview between katie Couric and Sarah Palin?? We’re talking about a vice presidential candidate getting exposed for not just America but the whole world to see. That goes to show the amount of scrutiny that should come with such a highly ranked position.
    I give thumbs up to Channel’s TV. How can this man hold a reasonable conversation with international authorities should the need arise? The nigerian government would rather put into power a kiss ass as compared to someone who has the qualifications to handle a position.
    Btw ruggedman is a wack MC!!

  19. KoliJay Reply

    Ruggedman, maybe you’ve blundered with the presenters before, I don’t know your beef. But if you can’t hold your own against Channels TV reporters, how then do you not mess the country’s image up if you were interviewed by those hawk-of-an-international journalists like Amanpour and Larry! Those guys embarrassed presidential candidates and stuffs, remember “binders full of women” and “unfortunate 48%”? Stop your rant, and let enjoy the bitter laughs of a national disgrace. If you are done laughing, go into your studio and record a song, some of us are still laughing ’cause they were swindled by racketeers posing with fake NSCDC websites. And they definitely didn’t log on to ww.nscdc.datsall!

  20. coded Reply

    if anyone blames a presenters 4 d interview, i suggests dat such person shld be examined. D journalist represents d peaople. To d issue of “my oga at the top” i think this was due 2 d level of d man’s education and this wil sounds in d ears of our leaders to always employ educated fellows and not just mere people. So no one shld blame d presenters 4 dat. Anyone who does that dont knw wat is called journalism.

  21. tosin Reply

    I think we are too jobless,in dis country.we don’t even have better things to do than sitting on a chair and start pointing out fingers to our fellow man.anybody can make a mistake,even oga or no oga.we are too crazy in dis country so called nigeria.where we have people stealing our shem is just like u and I.prone to mistakes and errors.lets think of bn a better people and work on ourself first before we start condemming Jesus said if u are without sin thrown the first stolen first.PlEASE let’s this language stops,is just a way the devils wants to use to distract us.IT COULD happens to me or you.

  22. anike Reply

    To me is not funny just dat we don’t have better things doing.

  23. Rotimi Samson Reply


    Journalism, like other professions, has direct impact on the citizenry and the society at large. Practitioners are expected to be guided by a code of conduct which members are expected to comply with strictly, and to be enforced by a body acceptable to all the stakeholders. However, journalism practice in Nigeria has raised a lot of questions. A revisit to the existing code of conduct to explicitly state those who can practice journalism in Nigeria is necessary.

    I think we should not only be carried away by the slogan (My Oga at The Top) which went viral on the internet but also look into the Unprofessionalism in the Nigerian Media of today taking CHANNELS SUNRISE DAILY PROGRAM AS A CASE STUDY.

    Let me start by defining the Word “TV Guest” in Line with the Topic of Discussion

    TV Guest: Someone who appears on a television that they do not regularly appear on.

    As a Presenter you have to take note that A Guest is not Omniscient.

    We all know that it is not everyone that is conversant with the computer and internet as a whole, I remembered when I had my first email address philanthropist4eva@yahoo. com , anytime I go to the CyberCafé I will type my email in the address bar thinking it will just open up not until the café attendant had to guide me through the process by first visiting http://www.yahoomail. com and entering my login details before I can get access to my email box. In that case the café attendant noticed that I was not conversant with the Internet and had to help me out.

    When a TV Guest dont want to answer a question, you should not keep asking over and over again, Moving On to the next question should have been the right thing to do. It shows that the presenters wanted to make jest of him on National Television, because they should know that He does not know the answer to the question which must be as a result of 2 factors but not really an excuse for a top official not to know his organization official website

    1. He is not conversant with the Computer or

    2. He is not conversant with the Internet

    If I were to ask the same presenter to give the Youtube or Facebook Universal Resource Locator of Channels TV they will not know also. The Mockery was a two way thing, it was both the My Oga at The Top Mokery and Channels TV Presenters act of Un-Professionalism which some people fail to look at.

    It was a big blow on the part of the Commandant for not knowing the NSCDC official website on the other hand those Presenters should also protect him from public disgrace since He was a Guest and not Omniscient.

    Yeah “My Oga at the Top” has made some people already making money. You will find My Oga at The Top Shirts, My Oga at the Top Website, My Oga at the Top Blog, My Oga at the Top Jokes, My Oga at the Top Cartoons, My Oga at the Top Music, My Oga at the Top Mixes, My Oga at the Top Note Books, e.t.c

    I respected and place Channels Television at the Highest Peak of Apogee (Permit me the repetition) I’m only trying to describe how I Love Channels television not until My Oga at the Top Saga cos it was explicitly an act of Un-Professionalism.

    Kudos, At least Channels TV have been able to accomplish something in the first quarter of this year:

    1. Make people earn money through their Act of Un-professionalism

    2. The Public Disgrace of the Commandant

    3. Increasing their brand name all over Nigeria.

    Fellow Nigerians, Let us not look at it from one direction, it is a two-way thing.

    1. It was really shameful to the Part of the Commandant not knowing the official website

    2. It was also an Act of Unprofessionalism for the Presenters to keep hammering on the same question that they should vividly know the Commandant can’t provide an answer to.

    Channels TV what will you think will be the present state of mind of the Children, family members, relations. The commandant has been suspended, The Wife of the commandant confirmed that He has been having Sleepless night and his family is overly perturbed over the issue. The Best sentence to describe what Channels TV did is that “They killed the Commandant Alive”.

    Everyone has His/Her own Opinion but mine is a two way thing

    1. It was really shameful that the Commandant did not know the NSCDC official website

    2. Channels TV Made A Disgraceful Jest out of their Guest which is not the Best.

    Journalism is not an art for self-abuse.

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    http: //

    Philanthropist4eva@gmail. com


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