Keeping It Real With Adeola – Episode 64

This week 2Face, a popular Nigerian singer gets flamboyant wedding gifts from a governor, find out why Adeola thinks he was supposed to reject the gifts. While Nigerian president claims to be fighting corruption, he just pardoned a former governor who embezzled state funds. As the main oga at the top, what exactly is the president’s stand on corruption?

In South Africa, an 8-year-old boy marries a 61-year-old woman to appease the gods. Find out why the woman’s husband is OK with the wedding. In Botswana, scarcity of water is driving the government to seek help from Lesotho. Find out what happens when Adeola gets a phone call from Botswana.

Adeola also features fancy cars made in Ghana, Togo, Swaziland, and private jets made in Kenya, Ethiopia and much more. Also find out what Namibia is doing to regulate cars imported from Botswana.

In Tanzania and Burundi, Albinos are living in fear of being killed and used for money rituals. Find out how they are managing to survive.

Lastly, Adeola talks about ‘My oga at the top’ – now the most popular video among Nigerians.

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