Nigeria’s Foreign affairs ministry website, 3 other govt sites hacked

Four Nigerian government websites, including Nigerian foreign affairs ministry’s site has been hacked by a cybergroup called ‘Pak Cyber Eaglez’.


The foreign affairs ministry’s URL now says ‘This account has been suspended’

It is uncertain exactly when the hack was done, but notice of the hack has been spreading through online forums all Monday.

At least 2 other government websites have also been defaced, including those of the National Malaria Control Programme and National Research Institute for Chemical Technology.

Both and returned the notification “This Account has been suspended”.

That of National Planning functioned minimally.

According to PCE’s claim on its Facebook page,, it has hacked more than 200 sites in India alone and nearly 180 in Egypt have being compromised by the hackers in March alone.

On its welcome page, the group says “You just got hacked”, giving no specific reason.

It also “laughs out loud” about not knowing “how to secure and making sites”.

The message ends with a warning: “Huh ! Now Next Time Keep Eye On Your cPanel | Domain | Your Admin Panel Because We Can In Again, Take Care. Pakistan Zindabad.” (Long live, Pakistan).

Pharmaceutical companies, personal blogs, electronics and car dealerships and health sites are among those defaced in the past month.

The government agencies affected do not know their websites have been defaced.

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