No Reason to Punish Lagos Commandant Over My Oga At The Top – NSCDC Officials

Some top officials of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC) and the Civil Defense, Immigration, Prisons and Fire Service Board (CIPFB) in charge of discipline, promotion and recruitment in the para-military agencies have broken their silence on the blunder by the Lagos State commandant of the corps.

The Commandant General, Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, Dr Ade Abolurin

Obafaiye ordeal started when he appeared on Channel Television morning programme, Sunrise, last week and when asked the NSCDC website, the commandant said, “hmmm, The Website is Excuse me, My Oga at the top knows the website. he later cleared his throat and said “My Oga at the top is Working on the Website and I Don’t have them, and goes on to say the website is, “www.nscdc.”.

One of the officials who spoke to LEADERSHIP Sunday on condition of anonymity, said despite the public perception of the much publicised error, there was no group to championing the removal or suspension of the commandant.

The source, who condemned what he described as unholy celebration of a minor error, advised Nigerians to stop falling prey of the antics of mischievous persons who had chosen to sponsor the “dirty harassment in the social media, in a bid to halt the commandant’s openness in handling oil thieves.”

Another source at the NSCDC national headquarters who also craved not to be named, said the speculation of the error in the social media was the handiwork of vandals and their godfathers.

He noted that the choice to spread the weakness was unconnected to the commandant’s resolve to take legal measures against those who defraud the government through oil theft.

He said: “Do not be surprised that even the so-called chief executives of some agencies until now, did not know their websites. I am not saying that this is an excuse but I am saying that his personality should not have been dragged into the mud.

As you may be aware, until his resumption of duty in Lagos, the crime against Nigeria’s economy was swept under the carpet. But how can this hero who means business in fighting oil theft, be paid this way? Those vandals should stop crying wolf over nothing.”

He also noted that the man in question is a patriotic Nigerian who does his job with diligence and passion and should be celebrated instead of being maligned. Asked if he sensed any fowl play with the interviewers, he posited: “Well, what I do not understand is whether embarrassing their guest is part of their organisation’s goal and mission statement. I will however leave them for the public to judge.”

On whether he has been suspended, the source retorted, why should he be punished? Did he commit any crime that is inimical to our economy? Let us have it in our mind that it could be anyone. It could be you, I or even these vandals.”

  1. Emeka Lawrence Reply

    It is a local and international disgrace that a commandant could not tell or rether did not know their website.As much as he is good at his work,he shouls as well be good in all other arears.I do not think anybody wants to pull him down deliberately,at his level,he should be able to stand his ground as many citizens look up to him.

  2. yahaya muibi Reply

    Nobody is perfect,let the organisation pardon him,henceforth, he should get himself prepare for any median interview before he can attend to them and he has the right to tell the median that he has not prepare for interview when they invite him.

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