Kenyans & Nigerians fight on Twitter over Ill-treatment of Kenyan team in Nigeria

Following the cold treatment Kenya national football team, Harambee Stars, received in Nigeria by the Nigeria Football Federation ahead of the Saturday’s 2014 World Cup qualification match in Calabar, Cross River State, there has been an ongoing war of words between Kenyans and Nigerians on Twitter.

According to, the team has not been given security and proper training grounds.

The team is training at a school that has no proper sports ground.

Photographs of the Kenyans running on the dusty grounds of the school were retweeted all over the country as the east Africans got angry at the situation of their countrymen.

Swiftly, the topic #SomeonetellNigerians began to trend on the social networking site with many Kenyans lashing out at Nigerians.

Below are few snapshots from the Twitter battle:

Kenyans & Nigerians fight

Kenyans & Nigerians fight

Kenyans and Nigerians fight

Picture 14

Picture 15

Kenyans & Nigerians fight



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