Nigerians attack Kim Kardashian on Twitter over her ALLEGED tweet that insults the country

Nigerians are currently throwing insults at Kim Kardashian on Twitter over an alleged tweet describing Nigerian women as Apes and the West African country as disgusting.

Kim Kardashian

Kim K

The tweet, which doesn’t appear on her timeline at the moment, is believed to have been doctored as her account verification tick is not present on the caption.

Check out the reactions of some Nigerians to this:

Kim K

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Kim K


Kim K

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Kim K

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Kim K

Kim K

  1. opeyemi Reply

    Kim ke,wat does nigeria has to do with this harlot,finally pregnant for a gay father who is not even ready for fatherhood after many boyfriends and failed marriages-kim u’re a failure

  2. NJ Reply

    How dare Scott say that about Nigerian women? His son ‘Mason’ looks like an ape, look at the shape of his head…….and not just an ape but a ‘BASTARD APE’.

    Look at the shape of the bastard’s face or is it Scott himself? Habitual Drunk White Monkey……..Hey Kim, you white fools are simply the original apes. Skin a monkey and see what color it is on the inside. Fat pregnant prostitute with ugly short legs and a sex video linked to her name………..that’s what is DISGUSTING not Nigeria……………
    Kim is not a role model for this generation…….she also has just fucked an ape and is pregnant with a baby ape and the baby will be named Monkey baby Kimmy Kanye Kardashian…………..Sleeping with Kanye, an ‘ape’ I guess for his money and stardom……….. Kanye you should dump this white stupid bitchy monkey called Kim Kardashian. The world can only describe her as ‘STUPID’ with a capital ‘S’. Go for a more sensible woman if you are smart. She has just insulted your ancestors !!!!!!!
    For Kim – And your brother – Rob is a fat ape. He looks like he eats seven burgers in one minute. Khloe is BIG Foot , you will give birth to a baby ape – HOOORAYYY! Stupid woman like you. You’re not even a graduate. We have lots of bananas in Nigeria for your baby ape coming soon. Send your address so we can export some to you.
    White Monkey !!!
    And Onari Duke and daughters, Elohor ‘our dear model’ , Dare wey him wife dey sell Dulux Paint for Abuja and all you fools who went to see the so called Kim, SHAME ON YOU !!!!!
    Kim’s your father – dead Robert Kardashian is the replica of an APE.

    • susan Reply

      I beg make ona leave kim k alone. Na only woman way her toto done stretch way go say such a thing. Kim k let’s look at this situation. 1- u have fucked soooo many guys just to keep ur fame. 2- what do u do again? Oh yes, u are a celebrity slut. 3- there is nothing natural about u. U are as plastic as our pure water bags. 4. I give u 2 years and kanye will dump ur ass cos he will be done with ur stupidity. 5. We can all tell u did not go to school for such a comment. 6. First class 419. They paid u and u came to say hi and leave, please collect ur money back u should have terms and conditions for idiots like kim. 7. U smell like a dead white female DOG. 8. Ur skin is slacking like a 90 year old womans body. Go botox ur ass, arms, legs, and continue with the face too. 9. Thanks JZ for dishing her beyonce I beg watch kim OH! She a husband snatcher. 10. KIM KARDASHIAN U are Nothing but an ASHAWO ROPOTOR! We are Africans Prettiest Elite (APE).

      • bunmi Reply

        wow im clapping for susan-my dear u enter am correct that idiotic prostitute with her smelling toto is as dead as horse meat! susan take 5 well done xxxxx

      • Wodofmouf Reply

        Sussy u r game…luv ya lang

    • Gabriella Reply

      Out of order dissing a dead man. No respect for the dead. You can’t say you respect the dead as dissing one shows your lack of discipline.

      And don’t bring khloe into this, she’s a extremely nice person. Calm down before you start writng next time. Mouth Shut, Mind Open. YOU GET ME.

  3. NJ Reply

    The Kardashian Family Signature – Family of Bastards, Family of giving birth to Bastards. Thats their signature stamp on the world. Useless family.
    Mr. Jenner, you should divorce mother of the apes …..Kris Jenner. They are ruining your reputation ! What a useless bunch !!!

  4. isa zulaikha Reply

    My face and Body covered for 20 hours a Day, Well with body been well covered! I don’t blame her,if every Nigeria womEn should expose their body the way she does ? I swear, she won’t be up to my toes. ALAHAMDULILAH

  5. true world Reply

    see this “am cumming” girl calling nigerian girls apes, anyway, we are living in a world where pornstars are still regarded as stars maybe someday they may also win oscar award. dirty slut… ur mama ape…

  6. fancy Reply

    few words kim,you date a black man and have a black president and dare call their fellow black peeps apes!i knew you were stupid,just didnt know it had gone viral,no wonder Beyonce hates your ass and guts,she saw you for who you really are well we are apes,you and your entire family are hoes,and from what i hear,apes are way better than hoes,you can google that.And as for scott,you have always been the dumbest kardashian ‘sister’ no doubt,so i dont blame you,your next child will have the brain of an,you have no bussiness calling an entire sex of a country apes,you havent met me so shut your ho-filled-thoughtless-i-only-know-money-trap:

  7. Steven Reply

    She is the fakest human being on earth how dare she insult nigeria she is really sick in the head look at here a disgrace to woman all over the world I really feel for middle eastern people that this hoe comes from their blood line it is just a shame kim kardashian is nothing but a bitch that love to suck black guys dicks for pleasure and this is the truth Beyonce hates kim don’t let her fool you she hate her with passion why would beyonce be seen being friend with this harlot and as for scoot well you are a shame to yourself and to your family on one in that family will ever respect you like the way they respect kanye and lamar you are so fucked up with this his fine face thing bullshit kourteny doesn’t even respect one bit and later just watch out she will leave him and this will make him look stupid what a deadbeat father

  8. Luda Reply

    Wat the fuck is up with that porn star???? Just go milky your mother why diss our people??? Fuck u

  9. susan Reply

    Kim kar dashi an just look at the last name slut name correct ashi name. Kim can dash am! Ok let’s look at some of the men that have tapped kims ass. Miles Austin, Ray J, Gabriel Aubry, Kris Humphries, Lil Bow Wow, Reggie Bush and now Kanye West. According to this, 5 BLACK MEN have FUCKED KIM And that is what we know don’t forget the others we don’t know! Now according to kim can dash am, she said we Nigerian women look like apes yet the ancestors of the 5 BLACK men that have FUCKED her are from Africa so that she love sons of apes Fucking her. Go head my brothers keep giving her ur big ape dick just charge her this time.

    • Anonymous Reply

      Lol…. Bro, you are hot

  10. Ebbyy Reply

    This shit is fake. I truly hate her and want it to be real but it is FAKE! For everyone who has a Twitter Account, you can never tweet without the Twitter LOGO showing. It’s missing here. Too bad.

  11. samir Reply

    Hahaha.. That’s it even if you didn’t say we already know.but you Kim you have to distinguished.the southern Nigeria women are like apes but not the whole Nigeria.hahahaha

    • Annie Reply

      Samir obviously uve neva left the shores of the part of Nigeria you reside in. I dnt blame u. U need 2 leave dat syd u stay in cuz its obvious u hvnt seen southern 9ja chicks. Dnt dull urslf owk.

    • Anonymous Reply

      Samir ur such a basted imp.. U wan talk to…. Mtchew…. Fuck ur bitch mother

  12. bunmi Reply

    Juju and a very generous serving of acid is what id reccommend for pregnant high class prostitutes who think that because theyve opened thier smelling nyash to every man in the usa and beyond that they can pass a comment abount the united states of nigeria and live to tell the tale…Kim Kardasian that comment was very very exensive………no amount of security will secure ur ass from whats coming! ashewo 10 kobo!

  13. Cece Reply

    We all know Kim is a cheap slut but please Khloe should be out of it!!! She is exactly an opposite of her family….

  14. Wodofmouf Reply

    Funny. Some people r just idle and lousy…This couldnt have been a fact though the girl is capable of the statement but she denied it. free her abeg our Afrik queens

  15. Kizzy Reply

    Hm kim kim no wonder,u ar ashame of ur sef men u call app fuck u nd dumpd u wat dose dat mean it mean a whore has no level in wif her fame,so disgracefull,abeg as u love furking apes u go like suck my dick?

  16. Anonymous Reply

    She hasn’t seen northern girls dats y.

  17. Anonymous Reply

    Look at this american goat whore calling nigerian women names. She is so fake is kanye even the father of that thing shebid carrying,she is an ugly pornstar bi**h.

  18. Anonymous Reply

    i think kim really wrong for saying that, i am proud to be a nigeira at least i got everything in full package not going under the knife to get big butt, boobs, lips and so on.we get them naturally and i think she is jealous. Really did like you kim but for what you said that you only showed us you have no manners and concern for your black fans.

  19. Anonymous Reply

    kim really wrong for saying that, i am proud to be a nigeira at least i got everything in full package not going under the knife to get big butt, boobs, lips and so on.we get them naturally and i think she is jealous. Really did like you kim but for what you said that you only showed us you have no manners and concern for your black fans.

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