Kim Kardashian’s Fake Twitter Account Replies Nigerians

Kim Kardashian Following thousands of angry comments by Nigerians on Twitter over an alleged tweet by Kim Kardashian, which is obviously fake, the same account has responded.

Find the response below:

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Many unsuspecting Nigerians lashed out at Kim Kardashian yesterday after the fake tweet. Some went as far as cursing her unborn child.

Below is the tweet:

Kim K

  1. jay Reply

    Good God this woman only dates African Americans.She is having a child that will be half African. How could anyone believe she would say such a thing. I hope the real culprit is caught. If and when he/she is caught I will pay for their one way ticket to Nigeria.

  2. blessing Reply

    kim is already dead why wasting ur time dont you see her breast like 4 runner jeep, we are better than her that is why she is complaining.

    she is a 419 how can she collect $500.000usd for 45 seconds for what is she a president? if our woman are apes please return our money, as long she collect money from apes that means she is also apes, is only apes that knows apes.

    i beleive is out of suffering & frustration, or her account don dry? kim is ashawo high class so she can be spending on one fine boy that is why, as you know poor boys don have choice they can be turning her in bed like 5 & 6 that is why,.

    Return our money oooooooooooooooooo Ole thief.

    If our girl are apes why did you come? also after you finish you could have rejected the money of apes,she is animal let us take her to medical check up,

    Kim i am warning you do not play this music because you can not dance it to the end it is better you applogise this is africa nigeria if you want to leave long apologise because a word is enough for a wise, if all woman in nigeria go naked and swear for you , you will not last a day so be warn apologise before you will face the penalty,

    that is my advice to a failure like kim, a dog who think to be wise, it is only a foolish dog who is drunk that can tell a lion come and lets fight but when the lion will decend on the dog he will know that there is different between 5am & 5pm hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa so be aware.

    some times i like insulting bastard like this, kim toto is wide as lagos highland, check her breast she wants to feed who? i sorry for the guy that is managing kim,kim is for managing, the guy is trying, i forget that is why his last boy friend left her, is not easy to entangle with a big breast like that because after you finish robbing that breast you must go for medical check up because is bigger than a drum, do you think is easy? is more than a full engine of a car.

    i will use this means to ask all christians round the world to please help kim in prayer for reduction of breast also to deliver her from prostition also for God intervention on her brain problem. because if you dont eat meat, so you are not suppose to use your mouth to share meet pls return our money.

    no nigeria guy will even like to test that washington expressway private part you can also called it toto, but kim own is called toto blue sea because is wide as mediterranean sea because we have taste also we respect ourselve we dont sleep with girls who their toto is like france airline seat.


  3. nigerian beauty Reply

    Lol blessing u are a very comfortable fool!I couldn’t finish ya pathetic comment that gracely oozes large amount of stupidity.chineke e!did u read the fake tweet??does kim know bout the oga at the top saga???didn’t u Ơ̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡ the acc isn’t verified?ur dumbness is one in a million and u carried ur moronic self with S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ much dignity.for ur small mind,u jst insulted kim???abeg go take arena of seats or better still hurl ya black behind and sit it on a hot charcoal for a minute or S̶̲̥̅Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ a proud nigerian bt people like u are reason others fink nigerians are dumbasses.stupid not team kim bt I kudnt help myself wen I saw how blessing wanted to get heart attack over a fake tweet.lwkmd oo smh!

  4. Rach Reply

    Oh dear. Rotflmao… Blessing you’re sooooooo funny. Like seriously. Wtf!

  5. Anonymous Reply

    yur so fucking stupid fat ugly bitch coz this tweet aint fake other wise it would have been deleted ages ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous Reply

    Just passing by…

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