‘He is a great guy – wish to marry him?’: Multi-millionaire places £15,000 advert for new wife

After years of fruitless searching for love, retired multi-millionaire Dinshah Vimadalal decided drastic action was needed.

The 69-year-old travel agency tycoon splashed out £15,000 on a full-page advertisement in The Times of India’s matrimonial section in search of a younger bride.

Under the headline ‘He is a Great Guy – Wish to Marry Him?’ the bizarre feature spells out exactly what the Mumbai-born businessman is looking for in a wife.

Man, 69, places £15,000 advert for new wife

His demands include a woman who is slim, under 40, childless and a meat eater.

Despite owning his own private plane, a sprawling mansion in Mexico and a fleet of cars and motorcycles, Mr Vimadalal has struggled to find love since his wife died in a car crash three years ago.

He boasts about flying the Atlantic, driving his motorbikes at speeds of over 130 mph and, despite being a heavy smoker, he claims any woman older than 40 would have trouble keeping up with his all action lifestyle.

‘You must speak English and have done your basic schooling. I don’t care how much money you have or don’t have … you should have a sense of adventure and the desire to live an exciting life,’ he wrote in the ad that appeared in the paper’s Mumbai edition on Sunday.

‘You should be no older than 40 and slim. And please don’t be a vegetarian. If you are divorced it doesn’t matter, but definitely no children.

‘I am much older than 40 but am very young at heart, very young physically, very active and any girl older than 40 would have a tough time keeping up with my active lifestyle,’ he added.

Mr Vimadalal returned to his native Mumbai in search of love after trawling Mexico, the U.S. and online and finding ‘only idiots’.

He first moved from India to Canada to work for an airline company in 1967 before later moving to Los Angeles because Vancouver was ‘too cold’.

It was there he met his first wife Firoza and the two started up a travel company called Magnum together.

But he closed it down in 1994 after he ‘had become super rich and didn’t need to work anymore’, according to the Mumbai Mirror.

He later spent five years building the house in Mexico which he named Palacio de Noelle after his sister.

Since his ad was published on Sunday, Mr Vimadalal has ‘interviewed’ 20 potential brides, but ‘there have been no serious possibilities.’

‘Two or three were very sweet, nice people, but I place a lot of emphasis on the figure,’ he told the Daily Telegraph. ‘I don’t mind if the face is not pretty but I like a slim figure and the girls who have been very nice had big fat bottoms. I don’t like that.’

But as his advert suggests, he is full of self-belief and says he is determined to find that special someone.

‘I won’t leave, till I find a bride. I genuinely miss having a life partner,’ he told a reporter from the Mumbai Mirror.

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