Malawi president blasts U.S. singer Madonna for building classrooms, not schools for her

MALAWI’S president has savaged Madonna, accusing her of making “the poor dance for her”.

Joyce Banda is doing her best to get donor funding restored to Malawi

Joyce Banda hit out as the star visited the African country this week, UKSun reports.

Madonna set up Raising Malawi after adopting son David Banda there in 2006 and daughter Mercy James in 2009.

But Mrs Banda claimed the singer reneged of a pledge to build a £10million academy for girls and opted to build 10 schools — without consulting officials.

She said: “Where are the ten schools she has built?

“In some cases she just renovated an already existing block. No one should just come here and say ‘I’m building a classroom’ without needs assessment.

“It is an insult to the people.”

But Trevor Neilson, who manages Madonna’s charitable work, last night provided details of the schools built by her project.

He added: “Every single one of the schools is a free standing structure.”

The Who’s That Girl singer also posted a picture of her and daughter Lourdes, 16. cuddling orphans on their trip.

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