Funny VIDEO: How to get a big butt like Beyonce in Nigeria

There is a new accessory – or should we call it craze? – hitting the African fashion markets … in Nigeria, it’s called a “Nyash Pad” and helps you get those hips like Beyonce!

Beyonce's butt

“This is the miracle of god in my life – you had better hold your boyfriend because I will shake my bum-bum for him!” says our reporter Adeola as she shows off the dramatic effects of the so-called “Nyash Pad” she has just put on in the Nigerian market for the camera.

The word ‘Nyash’ in Nigeria is a slang word that refers to someone’s derriere or buttocks – particularly when it it is very ‘shapely’… and the Nyash pad helps promote a larger shaped bottom for any lady wearing it. Simply, it is a large pair of underwear or knickers in which foam is stuffed to give the illusion of a more fuller figure.

(African Women – African Fashion) Watch Battabox video on how to make your bum-bum big like Beyonce!

“See how big and nicely figured I am!” says a smiling Adeola. “I want my bum-bum to be big!”

Now, there might be some nations out there thinking that the last people that need a more shapely bottom are us African women – but these are extremely popular products:

“We sell maybe ten in a day,” explains Bola, the African Fashion shopkeeper has been selling them for five years now.

African Fashion can too often involve mimicking Western trends – with wigs, weaves and bleached skin – but this time – it’s harmlessly working what we are already well-endowed with.. but, guys, next time you cast your eye about – make sure you are seeing the real thing!

“I will be getting big, big hips like Beyonce!” laughs Adeola.

  1. hank Reply

    I think in the USA these pads would go out of business. It seems black women are just born with big fat “Bum Bums”.
    All this time I thought this kind of low class stupidity was an effect of the african american sub culture. From this video I can see it has its deep roots right there in Africa… GENETIC?

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