Keeping It Real With Adeola – Eps. 67 (Blackout during Jonathan’s speech)

Keeping it real with Adeola - Eps 67This week on Keeping It Real, UNESCO honors two female scientists from Nigeria for their research works and Adeola is very proud of their achievements.

Also, Nigerian first lady sends 16 plane-load of relief materials to Mali, a very generous gesture, but what happens to thousands of victims of explosion in Nigeria without any relief material?

In Sudan, government prisoners are being released. Although Adeola is very excited about this development, find out why she thinks the Sudanese government is still avoiding the real issues on ground.

On Easter Sunday, while Nigerian president was addressing a Church the light went off. Find out his reaction as well as the reaction of the Church members to this blackout.

A 22-year-old Chinese woman holds her own funeral while she’s still alive, to know how people would react when she dies. Listen to Adeola’s reaction to this and much more.

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