10 Things Women Find Unattractive in Men

Madame Noire did a research on the 10 things women find unattractive in men that they probably won’t tell them. This is in response to the article – 10 things men find unattractive in women.” Here’s the list:

1. Rough and Dusty Hair

Just like the fellas like to see our heads looking right, so do we women. Now I’m not particular about a specific style. Whether you’re rocking a Caesar, locs down to your booty (Ooo) or a high top fade, I don’t care but best believe that joint needs to be lookin’ right. Keeping your hair neat is very important to women. It’s hard to see a man’s fine factor if the hair on his head is lookin’ rough.

2. Ash
Brothas (and everyone in between) please keep that skin moisturized. You know how you like the softness of a woman’s skin? It’s no different for us. Of course we don’t expect you to be on our level but we also know that rubbing our skin against yours is not supposed to cause chaffing and irritation. This is a particular issue when it comes to the feet. I know quite a few men who just forgo the moisturizing process after they step out the shower. No baby, no! Ash is an equal opportunity ailment and you got to hit them heels just like we do.

You’ve probably begun to notice that a few things on this list refer to personal cleanliness. That’s not laziness on my part. I’m trying to break it down for y’all. For some reason, many men happily take a fukitol pill when it comes to hygiene. Yes you have to shower. No your feet shouldn’t smell like that. And please for the love of Gawd stop scratching yourself in public. Ugh!

4-Living in a Pig Sty
Ladies, has this ever happened to you? Baby boy takes you to his place and the second he opens the door you’re greeted by a rancid odor. Aight, maybe he hasn’t taken the garbage out, yet. You look past it. Then you get to his room and there’s a month’s worth of dirty clothes on the floor, including streaked drawers. Wompity Womp Womp! His drawers will be the only ones on the floor because yours just dried up like the Sahara.

5- Excessive Hair/ No Manscaping
I’m not opposed to a lil chest hair…not at all. But if your stuff is starting to rival Wolverine… time to take care of that. The same applies for your nether regions. Be considerate! Pubes have a tendency to hold odors. Tidy up before you have guests over.

6- No Hometraining
Some of us call this chivalry. There is nothing more disgusting than a man who lets you walk on the outside of the street and lets doors slam in your face whenever you walk into a place together. Get it together, quickly.

7- Thirstiness
You may have noticed this very same thing appeared on the men’s list as well. It certainly applies for women too. If I said no thanks, told you I liked women, or ran then I don’t want you! Sorry. Please leave me alone. And don’t call out my name. I was a beautiful woman two seconds ago now I’m a b*tch? Really, dude?

8. Pride

9. Selfishness

10. Lack of confidence/Not being proud of your woman in public.

NOTE: First published in 2012.

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