Why engaged couples must embrace genetic counseling

Photo: stlouisreview.com

Photo: stlouisreview.com

YOUNG couples who are in the process of tying their nuptial-knot have been called to embrace genetic counseling because the genes define love differently from the eyes.

A Professor of Counseling Psychology, in the Department of Counseling Education, University of Ilorin, Professor Sunday Harrison Umoh stated this while delivering the 131st inaugural lecture entitled: “That your road not be rough”

The varsity don added that if after genetic counseling, the would-be couples find out that they are genetically incompatible marital plans or preparations should be jettisoned forthwith.

Umoh a Psychologist noted that pregnant mothers should undergo proper medical examination and should attend antenatal care regularly so that any detectable fetal anomaly may be corrected immediately.

He also added that sex education by trained teachers should be given to adolescents within the school settings so that cases of family altercation and wife battering might be eliminated. Also cases of reckless sexual experimentation. Pregnancy out of wedlock and death through abortions would be prevented.

Umoh also called on parents not to force vocations on their children, rather they should send their children to counselor and allow them to take standardized interest inventories, which may indicate which trade or profession their children may succeed in.

He also noted that the fact that many children who want university education are not able to find admission calls for expansion of universities, the building of new ones and expansion in the curricular offerings. Those who cannot get university admission should be empowered through purposeful planning to be self employed or to learn some practical skills like welding, carpentry , bricklaying.

“The believe that victims of rape are the ones who call for it should be discounted because abnormal men rape young children. There are men who lust after animals, yet others lust after the bodies of dead women, if a homosexual cannot lust after a female but after a male, the nude bode of a female will mean nothing to such a fellow. I would recommend stricter penalties for men who participate in raping women; the penalty suggested for them is to send them to penitentiary for life.

Parents need to take adequate care of their sons and daughters. The efforts of parents should be implemented by teachers, religious people, and counselors. If a parent shows bad example to the children by being a bad role model to the children, the children should be taken away by the social welfare department.

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