70-year-old burnt to death over witchcraft in Kenya

A 70-year old woman was on Monday lynched by angry residents in Kisii after she was accused of bewitching a young man in the village.

The woman is said to have cast an evil spell on the man making him have a miserable life. Sources said that despite his age of 30, the man showed no interest in women and did not make any progress in life, a factor that was allegedly caused by the evil woman.

Fed up with her behaviours, angry villagers stormed her house in the evening and demanded to ransack it. She refused saying that she had not stolen from anyone and that they did not have a right to check her house.

They accused her of witchcraft and mentioned a number of cases she was involved in. They claimed that she had been behind a series of deaths that occurred in the village including that of her own husband.

They frog marched her to the nearest trading center for all to see before lynching her.

The area’s Assistant Chief who confirmed the incident condemned it terming it inhuman. He wondered how one could be killed without any solid evidence. He promised to take legal action on all those who took part in the exercise.

-Kenyan post

This is not the first time it’s happening in Kenya. Some elderly people accused of being witches were also brutally beaten and burnt alive in remote area of Kisii, Kenya, last year.

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  1. Christopher Blackwell Reply

    Murder and beatings are crimes in any country in the world. So why are not all of these people in jail awaiting their trials for final punishment? I don’t care what they believe, murder and beatings cannot be allowed in any civilized country.

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  3. Anonymous Reply

    Are all civilizations equal ? Damn !

  4. Anonymous Reply

    Absolutely horrific!! Casts doubt over humanity. Rip

  5. Anonymous Reply

    god will pay you with hell i hope, i promiss

  6. Anonymous Reply

    And people wonder why we have so much crime by blacks in the USA

  7. Anonymous Reply

    no oooo

  8. Anonymous Reply

    This type of justice happened during the Black plague in the middle ages. I hope that it does not spread to the Ebola

  9. Anonymous Reply

    from what i hear these people who performed these acts are still walking free. And yet the world does not seem to notice this happening in africa, where is the Kenya Police, where are the community leaders, where are the politicians? Kenya is sick!!! It makes me feel ashamed to call myself African, not with the leaders like this…

  10. Anonymous Reply

    Oh my goodness I am crying and ashamed of my own people…primitive stupid and ignorant.., what is a witch… We are witches to our ownselves.. Don’t blame your neighbors for your failures!!! Shame on you. Even in the bible when people were stoning then prostitute Jesus said” if you haven’t sinned be the fast to cast a stone” so here is my take this poor beautiful souls that you ignorant and evil people killed… Remember that their sins are forgiven and right now they are sitting with Jesus at the right hand of God… What about you??! Hitler is waiting for you in hell and will push a pineapples up your asss each second…. May you doe the most painful death … You and all your idiotic offsprings…

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