Founder of New Wine Church Dr Tayo Adeyemi Dies

Dr Tayo Adeyemi The founder & Pastor of New Wine Church, Pastor Tayo Adeyemi is dead. He died at the age of 49 (From 1964-2013)

He died on Sunday night at a non-disclosed hospital in England.

He has been through series of issues in recent times from divorce with his first wife to marriage to a member of his choir. He is known to be a great Bible Scholar, a motivational speaker and a great British/ Nigerian in diaspora.

One of the seven Ecumenical Borough Deans in Greenwich is Pastor Dele Olowofusi, Assistant Pastor at New Wine Church; he represents the Black majority churches. EBDs are representatives of Christian churches to local government in London.

He’s survived by a wife and three sons.

Tayo Adeyemi was born in Leeds, England to Nigerian parents. He left England, at an early age, for Nigeria where he had all his formal education and graduated as a medical doctor.

While in medical school, Tayo was instrumental in founding a students’ fellowship, which grew to a movement of more than 3,000 students in well over 30 Nigerian Universities and colleges in a space of five years. He was also actively involved in starting three chapters of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in different parts of the country.

He returned to England with the intention of pursuing a residency programme in General Surgery and later, Neurosurgery. It was in the midst of this pursuit that God called him to start New Wine Church, which has now grown to a strong congregation of approximately 2,500 members in the London Borough of Greenwich.

Tayo is recognised as one of the strong leaders of the 21st century church and as a significant prophetic voice in the United Kingdom. He communicates God’s word with such sharp prophetic insight that his ministry has helped shape the destiny of many churches across the earth. His visionary leadership has made New Wine Church one of the leading dynamic churches in the UK. Out of this vision, a sister church was planted in the Twin cities of Minneapolis and St Paul in 1997.

Alongside pastoring a church, Tayo’s ministry is highly sought after around the world; and he addresses well over 300 audiences every year. Besides travelling extensively around the UK, he has ministered in nations such as Australia, Cote d’Ivoire, India, Kenya, Malaysia, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, South Africa, Tanzania, United Arab Emirates and the United States.

  1. Anonymous Reply

    Oh if it were possible, God knows that i will gladly and hornestly die for you to live. You inspired me to be where i am today thru ‘ur preachings. Rest in peace my brother. Paul from Italy.

  2. Anonymous Reply

    U can not believe it I got the message of his demise now just fiddling with my tv remove only to c a closed chapter 1964.2013 before it dawn on me that he is gone to be with Lord sweating in unbelievable mood this is a great loss may his soul rest in peace death shame on u

  3. Anonymous Reply

    He is such a passionate teacher n preacher driven to see people. His demise is a huge loss may his soul continue to R.I.P.chinasa from nigeria

  4. Anonymous Reply

    Ave just remembered to listen to his message, (we need to talk) in utube.
    Only to find that Dr Ademi passed last year.
    Very sad news.

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