Funny Photo: Cossy Orjiakor at it again, with ‘bestie’ and her husband

Controversial Nollywood actress cum singer Cossy Orjiakor has taken a long enough break from the news and has resurfaced. She shared the following picture of her chilling with her best friend and her husband.

Cossy Orjiakor

  1. Anonymous Reply

    Cossy pls leave ur bad ways its nt gud,remember dat u are a woman nd nt a baby anymore,u should be more matured

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Cossy, you are nothing but a cheap prostitute,i feel sorry for a woman that gave birth to you,you are a disgrace to a womanhood,you are ugly,beautiful ladies dress are a whore,repent and turn away from ur evil ways,u dont have to walk on the street naked with that ugly melons u called breast,shame on you,

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Drug addict, that”s what you are cossy,shameless idiot,You need deliverance,public whore,trying to compensate ur ugliness with being naked,mother funcker,disgrace to your parents and Nigerians as a whole.anytime ur picture is being posted, people spit on you, to show how stinking you are.

  4. Anonymous Reply

    if u’r gonna condemn her it does no gud. as a true Christian dt u claim to be. u should be praying for her to change n nt judge her. remember judge nt least ye be judged.

  5. Anonymous Reply

    #Dnt mind dem cossy, do ur think’s thats ur own swagggg

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