Mercy Johnson’s hips can’t contest mine, I have the best figure in Nollywood – Crystal Okoye

Crystal Okoye hasn’t got a profile as long as an arm but her profile is rich, unusual and fascinating. Barely a year on the scene, the curvaceous twenty-something has done 18 movies with more than 5 of those as the leading lady- now, that’s a profile even the best in the industry will gawk at. In this chat with Weekend Groove, the newest sensation in Nollywood as she has come to be known shares her experience, her rise to fame and what makes her tick: enjoy…

What has worked for you in the industry; your talent or beauty?

I will say both. Before then I used to look at myself in the mirror and tell myself “Crystal, you are beautiful”. I am beautiful. I am well-shaped. I have straight legs. I decided to come into the industry, not just with my physical attributes but also because of my talents.

In Nollywood, you may be beautiful but if you are not talented you can’t get any where but I thank God I have everything. The talent, the beauty, the figure and everything. In Nollywood, beauty and talent goes hand in hand.

Crystal Okoye

What about your embarrassing moments?

The one I can remember happened when I was still looking to have a shot at acting. Then, I reported at a location and the producer gave me a note where he instructed me to meet him at a hotel room. I felt so embarrassed. He told me the role would not be available for me if I didn’t report at the hotel. I left the set and never showed up for the job. If you want me I want you to come up to me and tell me you want me but tying it to anything else puts me off.

What do you think are your selling points?

My selling point are my hips. I think Mercy Johnson’s hips are just learning where mine are. I know that I am well-shaped. If you ask me, I have got the best shape in Nollywood. And it is just not my hips alone, my eyes, my legs and my height as a woman all compliment my nice figure.

You may say I don’t have the front but I have the back. The back speaks for me.

Is it true that upcoming actors and actresses now pay producers to be featured in films?

They do that. Some pay their way to be featured. Yes, it is happening alright.

Have you ever had to do that?

God forbid. I would rather give up the job than succumb to that. I am an actress, the producer is supposed to pay me not the other way round.

What’s your idea about s^x. Should it be done only after marriage?

Sex is a free gift from God, meant for us, man and woman to enjoy ourselves. I don’t believe in that ‘after marriage’ crap. I believe in sex before marriage because it is very important you know partner very well, sexually and otherwise, before you two are sworn together for life.

If you don’t know the person very well (s^xually) before marriage, what happens if the person doesn’t live up to your expectations? What if the person cannot perform? I don’t think there’s a woman who wants to end up with a man who cannot perform.

So, a man must be able to perform before you can consider marrying him?

Yes o. If a man cannot perform I have no business with him. You have to be a complete man to be with me.

So you prefer s^x to money in marriage?

My dear, money comes first o. Money rules the world. But sex too is very important because without s^x the marriage cannot be sweet. God has given s^x as a gift to enjoy.

Who are your role models in the industry?

My first person is Pete Edochie. I see in him a father figure, a father I have lost. Then there is Bukky Ajayi, Onyeka Onwenu, Stephanie Okereke and some others.

  1. Tiana Reply

    with her ugly face… which hips is that… Mercy is da deal

  2. Chinezite Reply

    My dear Crystal,don’t compare your self with any body.Mercy Johnson is Mercy Johnson and Crystal is Crystal there is something unique in Mercy likewise you,you said you no get front but you get back but MJ get both the front and back, I think MJ pass you with that one and one thing that kill most of us women is pride,till tomorrow I love Mercy Johnson she understands this life there’s nothing like pride in her life.

  3. anonymous Reply

    Crystal or whatever u call urself,which hips are u talking about,I beg chil;mercy johnson is da babe.okay.

  4. Wisdom Reply

    Mercy Johnson is d real person. I just like r shape. Crystal, u no fit stand Mercy Johnson

  5. George Reply



  6. Sarah Reply

    Crystal or wht even u ar called u just get into d industry nw so no try to mak enemy wit ur mama ok or are u jelos of her? She remain d best go mercy u no get wahala ad nobody go give u wahala

  7. Anonymous Reply

    Mercy is much more better than you in everyone’s opinion both in beauty,figure and talent

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