Mother would hold her 3-year-old daughter’s hand while her father raped her

The mother of a three-year-old girl who allowed her daughter to be raped repeatedly by her husband and would even hold her hand during the rape so it ‘wouldn’t hurt too much’ was arrested last night.

The 36-year-old woman from Blackman Township, Michigan, was charged with two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct. She will appear in court today.

The woman’s husband was arrested in June on 12 counts of first degree sexual misconduct after it emerged he repeatedly raped the three-year-old, took illicit photographs of her for his own ‘sexual gratification’ and made her watch child porn.

The man admitted to detectives he may have attempted to have sex with his daughter six times but that in reality it occurred ‘too many times to remember’.

His preliminary hearing is scheduled for Friday.

The parents have not been named to protect their daughter’s identity. Both were living in the Avalon Hotel when they were arrested.

The mother was not initially charged with anything even though police knew she was present during the abuse and did nothing to stop it.

Since then additional evidence came to light and prosecutors were able to arrest her.

Prosecutor Jerry Jarzynka declined to be specific about the new information but told MLive: ‘It has some really disturbing evidence to say the least.’

The mother admitted after her husband was arrested that she assisted him while he attempted to penetrate their daughter more than once, holding her hands ‘so it wouldn’t hurt so much’ while he held her legs if she ‘tried to get away’, according to documents.

The couple’s daughter told authorities her mother took pictures of her ‘private parts’ and her dad had sex with her and smacked her with a belt.

The abuse is believed to have begun late last year and continued until May, MLive reports.

It came to the attention of Children’s Protective Services on May 7 when they received a complaint that the toddler was displaying ‘sexualized behavior’ such as ‘humping her stuffed animals’ and asking her brother for sex. She also found a pornography DVD and tried to watch it.

The wife claims her husband would force sex on her and she would physically shake in his presence, according to MLive.

He grabbed her throat once when she tried to stop him physically abuse her sons when they were two and four-years-old and told her if she called police he would throw her out the window.

The man told detectives when he was arrested that he is a ‘sex addict’ and has gambling problems. He also said he was sexually abused as a child, as did his wife.

The couple would watch porn and have sex in front of the children.

The toddler’s father wrote her an apology letter, which court documents quote.

‘If you’re reading this, I am either dead or in jail. I am not proud of being here.

‘I also was touched as a child and repressed its memory as long as I could. When we moved, that nightmare came back and haunted me and I unfairly took it out on you.

‘I am sorry for what I have done and hope that you have a happy life wherever you end up.’

He also wrote: ‘I know you are going to have a lot of questions as to why this happened and I can’t tell you that at this time, I am not fully sure as to why this happened.

‘Please know that I want the best for you and I am going to get the help I need. My head is not right and hasn’t been for a long time.’

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  2. Rebecca Reply

    I want to punch this woman in the Fucking Face. I want both of them thrown away like trash. How could this happen

  3. tom Reply

    I would kill.the sons of. bitches , I hope the are both found guilty and thrown in jail and in jail they don’t take kindly to suck fuckin people like this ….killed…. Or eatting thru a tube.. and shitting or pissing in a back for rest of life……

  4. angel Reply

    I hope they are repeatedly raped they rot in prison I hope that during this is extremely excruciating and that during all of the pain they die a slow miserable death while they rot is present I know of one woman her husband and her raped and drugged their two children a boy and a girl I know for certain when the woman was in prison in which I’m sure she still is the ladies there decided to take the biggest curling iron they could find stick it in her c*** and turn it on and with her mouth stuffed and her being held down allow it to burn her from the inside slowly I never did find out what happened to the husband but I do believe it they should do the same thing the mother of that little girl and that if possible they should do the same to the father just in other areas

  5. Don Okon Reply

    This nonsense happens only in america where values are thrown overboard bcos of unnecessary right. It is one country a toddler will wake up with guns n gun down everyone at sight. That is why i encourage every1 2 stop taking their little children 2 that country 2 stay or schooled so in other 4 them not to loose their values abt life. The disasters and all sort of atrocities witness will b higher if America does not desist from promoting immoral acts or behaviours.

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