VIDEO: Fans go crazy for Flavour in Cameroon

Showbiz keeps getting bigger within the African scene as our entertainers take a step further every time they perform. Flavour is amongst the foremost and energetic entertainers to spring forth from Africa. Flavour’s concert in Yaunde Cameroon is a clear evidence of the wider reach of his highlife music.

The King of modern highlife music or the “Ashawo Master” as he is fondly called held Cameroon on lock down with this amazing hot cracking performance, highlighting the very best hits of his albums e.g “Ada Ada” “Shake Shake” “Ashawo remix” all for the delight of his fans. It was really thrilling and exciting when Flavour picked a girl from the crowd and also called out for her mom. This is a clear connection between Flavour and his fans.

Watch below to see the rest of the show.

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