VIDEO: Mugabe’s UN speech 2013 – Shame, shame, shame on US and Britain

26 Sep 2013 – Address by His Excellency Robert Mugabe, President of the Republic of Zimbabwe at the general debate of the 68th Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations (New York, 24 September-1 October 2013).

Scroll down for his full speech…

  1. trevor kamuzonde Reply

    Shame Shame Shame!!Zimbabwe will never bend down to anyone!!Long Live RGM!!

  2. clk Reply

    viva rgm. a wise man indeed

  3. Stivenmazanhi Reply

    Ya my hero

  4. Anonymous Reply

    doesn’t need to bow down its been on its knees for years!

  5. Anonymous Reply

    long live my president long live….Zimbabwe belongs to us

  6. Anonymous Reply

    we need you , may God give you so
    me years of leave

  7. Anonymous Reply

    yes we stil need our country zim is the best thank u

  8. Anonymous Reply

    long live RG

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