Keeping it Real with Adeola – Eps.116

This week on Keeping It Real, the Nigerian petroleum minister Diezani Alison Madueke, spends billions of Naira renting and maintaining three private jets for her personal use.

Adeola is also bordered by Nigerians using people for rituals as she recounts the shocking discovery of human bodies at the Ibadan House of Horror.

In Uganda, women are now protesting the anti-pornography law that has led to stripping and harassing those with short skirts.

This week, Adeola finds out about Bluetooth sex in Zimbabwe, that is when a man uses black magic to perform a sexual act on an unsuspecting women. This happened in an Apostolic Church in Bulawayo.

In Guinea, Adeola shares how Ebola is killing people and one of the ways to prevent it.

Adeola also shares the story of an Indian restaurant built around a grave yard.