Nanny caught on camera abusing baby in Uganda (Graphic VIDEO)

Kampala – A house keeper has been caught on camera abusing a baby in the East African country of Uganda after parents left for work.

Thankfully, the toddler survived the horrifying ordeal.

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Nanny caught on camera abusing baby in Uganda

The two-year-old Arnella is seen terribly tortured by Jolly Tumuhiirwe, 22.

The video captured by interior security camera early last week at Erick Kamanzi,’s home, reveals a breath-taking story where Tumuhiirwe is trying to feed the baby.

According to family sources, Kamanzi last week came home and found some bruises on the baby. He did not ask what happened but he hastily went to review the cameras which, he had taken long to monitor. This was last Saturday November 15th 2014.

What he saw is what is seen in the video below. Raged to the marrow, Kamanzi bounced on Tumuhiirwe and clobbered her to pulp. Done with it, he turned to tend to the baby as Tumuhiirwe ran to police where, she reported an assault case against her Master Kamanzi.

Kamanzi (L) and his kids.

Kamanzi (L) and his kids.

The Kiwatule police swung into action, raided Kamanzi’s home and arrested him. He promptly confessed to the charge before he was dragged to cells. After cooling down, Kamanzi asked the cops to look at what made him clobber the maid. A mere look at the video changed the cops’ stance and released Kamanzi.

Speaking to the investigator today, police chief spokesman CP Fred Enanga confirmed that Tumuhiirwe’s case had been taken over by the events.

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Reading the file number as CRB 1346/14 of Kiira Road, Enanga said the nanny was yesterday charged under Anti-torture Act at Nakawa Court.

But Enanga hastily adds that police are contemplating on revising the charge and upgrade it to attempted murder. He said the Tumuhiirwe will re-appear in court on December 8th 2014. Efforts to get hints on the baby’s mother were futile as family sources maintained silence on the question. – The Investigator (Uganda)

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    Love and Prayers

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