Suspected Al-shabaab kill 36 in fresh attack in Koromei, near Mandera

At least 36 people are feared dead on Tuesday morning in a shooting incident at Koromei, about 15 minutes from Mandera town, Kenya.

The gunmen opened fire on the workers at about 1 a.m. while sleeping in tents at a stone quarry after separating Muslims from non-Muslims.

The victims are miners who were working in the quarry, located just outside the town.

Unconfirmed reports say some of the workers were kidnapped by the attackers.

  1. Anonymous Reply

    let down by government and it’s systems .security managed by very incompetent persons.

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Fuck the government

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Wat should we do Kenyans coz our life is in danger.It is very painful.Haki wooye.

  4. Anonymous Reply

    gavaa ifanye nini wee imefanya nini kujiridaa waki seperate christians na muslim hii story was planned ad the community thea sapot them bein killed

  5. Anonymous Reply

    God you alone are to be fearing, when you are angry no one can stand before you. Psalm, 76:7

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    Nawapa pole Wakenya wote kwa kisa hiki

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