PHOTOS: Gen. Muhammadu Buhari’s wife and children in new photoshoot

Meet Gen. Muhammadu Buhari’s wife and children in this December 2014 photo shoot.

Find photos below:

(Bottom-row-From-left): Safina Buhari, Mrs Aisha Buhari, Halima Buhari Sheriff,(top-row-from-right), Noor & Mohammed Sheriff

(Bottom-row-From-left): Safina Buhari, Mrs Aisha Buhari, Halima Buhari Sheriff,(top-row-from-right), Noor & Mohammed Sheriff

Halima Buhari Sheriff and Daughter

Halima Buhari Sheriff and Daughter

Mrs Aisha Buhari

Mrs Aisha Buhari

Mrs Aisha Buhari

Mrs Aisha Buhari

Mohammed Sheriff with wife, Halima Buhari Sheriff

Mohammed Sheriff with wife, Halima Buhari Sheriff

Safina Buhari with her kids

Safina Buhari with her kids

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      I we like too gifty me you girls to come a firends at allwest

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Mr President, I do aapologize for not believing you when you say that you are the president of Nigeria. I can see that a lot of people believe that you are the real president. Who am I to say that you are not. Yes, you do know me so I wont sign my name.

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    They are beautiful pictures. Mr president yr doing well by recovering embezzled money. But yr work will not be complete if Nigerian politicians wages are not reduced by 70%. So that they are not there for the money but are patrotically serving their country. This money can be use to build roads for Nigeria. there shd be no place that is `not tarred roads in Nigeria. The poor citizens need these roads to about their daily business and they do not get anything from govt. All schools are private and the poor Nigerians are just asking for roads to go about daily living activities. The politicians do not represent their needs and just in house of reps, assembly to warm the seats and other political seats. It is sad that Mr president u campaigned extensively in Aba, Abia state and u failed to honour yr promise on old Port Harcourt road. This road has been in terrible disrepairs.Also the previous governor of Abia state and the current one have been allowed to get away with punishing the poor Nigerians there in perpetual poverty. This dehumanising. This is what makes Europe and other countries of the world is being community minded. There is no point in parading with presidents and other ministers from other countries and yet lots of places, u cannot be proud to say this is Nigeria. I believe good roads tells a lot about a country and attract investments. There no is no point in recovering money and still allow politicians to get fat with embezzling money and perpetuate this culture. It is not fair in attending all kinds of events to flaunt clothings and dressing and yet lots of places in Nigeria are rotten and u cannnot write home about. I believe if u do consider this, it will make u a good president, regardless to Igbos, Yorubas or Hausas. I write from London. Email

  4. Anonymous Reply

    Very nice i believe that they will both leave long

  5. Anonymous Reply

    Very nice, i believe that they will both leave long and i also believe that buhari will also take nigeria to a greater place.;)

  6. Anonymous Reply

    Image of g m b

  7. Anonymous Reply

    Hapi family mr. prez

  8. Anonymous Reply

    2019 said baba insha Allah if a god agree 2019 my vote is for GMB

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    Gud family

  10. Anonymous Reply

    Fatan alheri

  11. Anonymous Reply

    my thanks gose to God d giver of life

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    I believed that buhari will take Nigeria’s to the next level is a good government and fight against corruption, is good to fight against corruption,all embezzled money recovered and please mr president help us to assist Nigerian to enjoyed dividend of this democracy, we believed in you mr, President, and we believed in God Nigeria is going to be great in this world, we need good road , provide a good job for graduate’s and full security for all Nigerian , we thank God know in northern state concerning about boko harram issue it has stop is not like before. more efforts in security issue. God bless Nigeria. Email

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    it is my pleasure and concern to gives special thank 2 mr president for his rapid achievement in his administration, mr prisident you have done alot with your working experience and may almighty Allah contineou 2 guided and protect you from devil wishers aganst your administration progressiveness developed of the entired people of the country. my name is zakari abubakar chawai.

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    Mr president we hope almighty
    allah to assist you to achieve your

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    I’m always pray our god to assis our president {Muhammad Buhari} and his family and we *Nigeria’s peoples!!

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