Why I likened President Jonathan to Jesus Christ – Doyin Okupe

A Senior Special Assistant to President Goodluck Jonathan, Doyin Okupe, has defended his statement yesterday and disagreed with those who accuse him of blasphemy for likening President Jonathan to Jesus Christ.

Okupe, who has since been under fire, on Monday said the burden Jesus carried when he died for the sins of mankind is similar to what Jonathan is presently carrying.

Responding to his critics on Tuesday via Facebook, he first wrote: “Detractors and mischief makers are at it again. I said PGEJ like Christ is bearing a lot of burden for the nation. Christians are expected to be Christlike.”

Okupe soon followed with more: “It is surprising that those who are not Christians are explaining Christian precepts in the name of politics. In every Bible class Christians are taught to emulate Christ in words and deeds. It is a thing of pride and honour, NOT blasphemy, in Christendom to be compared to our Lord. Our detractors won’t go far.”

“A popular song in sunday schools goes thus”I want 2 b like Jesus in gentility & meekness.’In Nigeria 2dy esp social media Ignorance is Virtue”

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