Methodist Reverend in sex scandal

The head of United Methodist Church in UK was exposed in a sex scandal before his congregation.

On Sunday 04/01/2015 at United Methodist Church service based at a rented St Peters Church, 310 Kennington Lane, Vauxhall, London SE11 5HY, Reverend TK Mapfeka was exposed by an angry member of the church whose was wife is allegedly going out with the reverend.

During time for announcements meant for thanksgiving “Zvitendo” which is used to thank the Lord for whatever blessings has happened in someone’s life, a gentleman by the name Chireka took the microphone and said to the fully packed church comprising Zimbabwe community “Mufundisi Mapfeka vanodanana nemudzimai wangu. Vakatora mukadzi wangu kuenda naye kuGermany. Mukadzi wangu akati kwandiri ari kuenda kumusha kuZimbabwe izvo ari kuenda kuGermany naMufundisi Mapfeka. Vanhu vaMwari ndiine evidence pano matext nemapicture avaitorana ikoko.” The Reverend who was supposed to take the sermon was dump-founded with his wife seated next to him including his teenage girls.

Members of the church were just astounded at the announcement. Mr Kaisi and Mr Zimunya some known other members of the church swiftly approached the man who was visibly angry. They asked him to go outside with them so that the issue could be discussed outside the church in private. Church members just looked at each other as the commotion went on, Reverend Mapfeka’s wife followed outside. She later came to collect her children and left. Members of the church then held a meeting with Mr Chireka who was accompanied by three of his friends.

Mr Chireka told the church members that he had a lot of evidence to prove the love affair of his wife with Reverend Mapfeka to members of the United Methodist Church. Mapfeka abandoned the service and disappeared. Mr Chideu took over the sermon.

The church comprises Zimbabwe community who are members of the United Methodist Church based in the UK. Chivasa’s wife goes to a United Methodist Branch in Chelmsford.

  1. Anonymous Reply

    Hi. This Rev Mapfeka issue looks like it’s fake. Check the time discrepancies on the whatsapp texts

    • Anonymous Reply

      Pastor was already in Germany. So time difference.

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Where did you see the Whatsapp texts?

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