VIDEO: Pastor who made congregants strip, jumps on top of church member

Prophet Penuel Mnguni of the End Times Disciples Ministries in Soshanguve extension 13, in Tshwane, South Africa, who made his female congregants strip during church service, is in the news again. This time, he is seen stomping on one of his disciples claiming it is a healing method.

The 24-year-old pastor says his church is a horror church where horrible things happen.

According to him, all things are possible in his church. He reportedly said he is not ashamed to see women and men stripping half-naked in his church.

Video by Lucky Maibi via Daily Sun SA

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    It’s rather unfortunate that many are being deceived by such so called prophets. Wen da bible is there for every1 to see n know 4 dem selves. Da bible has warned about them, some will even say they are de “Christ”. Be wise people oooo

  2. Anonymous Reply

    What kind of man of God is this,is this not thesame man that says he turn petrol to juice,no why are we deceiving our selt,thay cant be jesus again.

  3. Anonymous Reply

    This guy is to be arrested and jailed

  4. Anonymous Reply

    This is madness he must be arrested and the church closed .

  5. Anonymous Reply

    The deeds of this scumbag on his people is shameful. What is more sickening is to see a free person to stop questioning even the most obvious blunders of their own leaders. Who truthfully said “people get the leader they deserve”

  6. Anonymous Reply


  7. Anonymous Reply

    Sorry to see that African brothers call those prophet.

  8. Anonymous Reply

    I don’t understand why those people obey or follow such …….. Pastor.

  9. Anonymous Reply

    This guy is the devil’s representive. No loving God will permit his believer to torture others in the name deliverance. This guy need to be arrested and punish for abuse.

  10. Anonymous Reply

    Should I say “only in Africa”

  11. Anonymous Reply

    I didn’t see him strip anyone naked in the video.

  12. Anonymous Reply

    It is shear madness, d disciples n pastor need to get their heads checked.

  13. Anonymous Reply

    Truly, no one is stripped naked but the whole drama is a senseless exercise. It is a mockery of christianity: pentecostalism and traditional African churches have entrenched this madness in our society. More so, our people loves what is fake to what is true and authentic but simple and does not make a show of power. This power show of new generation churches surely stems from the pit of hell. The devil loves to show power in order to deceive. Most of these pastors seem to lack common sense. When will Nigerians begin to sue tis kind of dehumanizing so-called men of God?

    • Anonymous Reply

      It is in South Africa. Read before jumping into conclusion.

  14. Anonymous Reply

    Absolute folly inspired by the demons.

  15. Anonymous Reply

    He is either an ignorant fellow or a satanic messenger.We dont have accuse or insult Pastors in general for the office one foolish one. Let us be courteous in our comments,but sincerely this cannot be God or the Holy Spirit.

  16. Anonymous Reply

    They are all mad

  17. Anonymous Reply

    This pastor is demonized nd God will judge him.

  18. Anonymous Reply

    We really should pray that may God intervene and deal with this fake pastors that uses his name. They are sick and heartless. And they will indeed answer for every sick act they have done. God is Watching.

  19. Anonymous Reply

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